The world of vlogging might be somewhat unknown to most of you. Because we belong to a different generation (let’s face it, women our age are not the youngest 🙂 ). But today’s youth, that’s something else! While we search for information on Google, they need advice from their role model and through a video if possible. Today, we are going to introduce a girl who’s 20, and is influencing the lives of many Slovak and Czech kids and teenagers. When talking to her, you get the feeling that you’re having a conversation with a woman ten years older with mature opinions. She’s collaborating with renowned international companies and by being ‘watched’ all the time, she has to be something close to perfect with her manners. Give her attention and take her seriously because what she does, she does top notch! And if you don’t know her, we are introducing one of the most successful Youtubers in Slovakia, Martina Horňaková, known as Moma.

You are one of the most successful Slovak Youtubers and influencers, what’s your secret?

I’ve always tried to be myself, looked for my own path and haven’t been pretending to be someone else. I’m upfront and assertive. When I have an opinion which contradicts the others, I’m not afraid to speak up even if it means losing some fans. When I simply don’t like something, I say it out loud and I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions or defend myself 🙂

Some might think that Youtubers do nothing, but you seem to be super busy. What’s your working day like?

Right now it’s a bit different since I travel a lot. However, it’s true that many people think it’s nothing. They think we get the camera rolling, film it, post online and that’s it, but the whole process of one video takes minimum 8 hours, sometimes even days. It’s not only about making videos but also about the responsibility we carry because we have a large portion of underage viewers, so you need to keep that in mind all the time. Our lives are non-stop in the public eye and it doesn’t matter whether a Youtuber is having a good or bad day, we just have to keep on going, entertain people and we are always trying to get on the positive wave to make the work easier even though it’s difficult at times.

What do you see as your greatest success up to now?

Definitely collaborations with big Slovak or even international names and NY and Paris fashion week visits. But to be honest, I see every video with positive feedback as a success, because making hundreds of thousands of people happy is not always that simple.

You’re 20 and whole life ahead of you. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What about your dream job?

I’m that kind of person that does not like to talk about dreams, I prefer to reveal them when they’re reached and tell the whole story behind them. Anyhow, when chasing my dreams in the future, I’m not planning to stop what I’m doing and despite having ambitious dreams and plans, I’d like to continue with this until it’s fulfilling for me and enjoyable for people. 🙂




How did it all start? What would be your advice to girl entering the world of Youtube?

I’ve been following international Youtubers since I was twelve, but I didn’t the courage to sit down in front of the camera myself and talk to some imaginary audience, so I started blogging. After three or four years of that I finally had the guts to start vlogging. My first video came out when I was 12 but it wasn’t anything amazing hah. The video is still on my channel to remind myself and the other how long we’ve been together on there. So, to all the girls who dream of becoming Youtubers: go after your dreams and don’t let anything discourage you! If you do this thing with love and honesty, success will come sooner or later.

Tell us about some piece of clothing or accessory you can’t imagine your life without. 🙂

Right now, I’m quite crazy about Karl Lagerfeld brand and I already have a few pieces as handbags, clothes, accessories, or shoes from there, I love Karl! To describe it as a whole, I like classy style a lot, and lately I’ve been wearing elegant pieces, blazers, dresses, and fur coats (faux fur).


You are always smiling and positive, but what is angry Maťa like?

I think being positive comes hand in hand with my job and in spite of trying to be the real me, it’s not always the same story in front of the camera. When I’m having a bad day, I’m not making videos, I don’t want that to be transferred to my viewers. To be totally honest, I’m quite temperament, hot-headed, but I think I’m getting better hah! I used to get angry at the smallest things, now I’m trying to avoid unnecessary stress, isn’t there already enough of it?!

How did your family look at your job at the beginning compared to now?

My parents are great, they have supported me no matter what I wanted to do, since I was a little kid. Whether it was arts and crafts, dance, or my online world. I wouldn’t have managed the beginnings of blogging without their support, either financial or mental, even if it was new and kids made fun of me on daily basis. They are proud of me today and they see that everything I’d done as a teenager really made sense. It’s a very good feeling that I’ve actually made it, and all those years of blogging, photoshoots, barter collaborations weren’t pointless and right now I make my living by doing what I love 🙂

Thank You for the interview and good luck with everything what comes Your way!

Ladies, if you have a teenager trying to make it in the Internet world, show him your support, because this is the future! Often, children just give up their dreams because of the reactions from their family and people around and that’s a great pity! Maybe there’s a star on the rise like Moma. We will be happy if you leave us a comment with your opinion and what you think about today’s post.

Have a nice rest of the day.

Katka and Iva