This article is dedicated to all modern women out there, who not only want to be healthy, but also forever young without any plastic surgeries! Have you ever looked at the pictures from your grandmas’ youth or even moms’? How come that we feel they have not aged a bit but completely the opposite, that many of them look even better than those years ago. It’s clear, that the older you get, the more conscious about your health, regime, clothes you are and that’s why you create a certain lifestyle. And that is exactly the reason why we often have the feeling that middle-aged people look younger than tens of years ago. But imagine that you’d have already realized that when younger and got used to a healthy lifestyle! Could we suppose that these people will look young forever?

Rungnapa, the manager of the hotel in the Maldives, which we’ve recently visited with my husband, inspired me to write this article. This woman was giving off incredible peace and positive energy from the first moment we met. She was from Thailand and very beautiful. So, I began to guess her age. Our guess was around 23-25 years old. I couldn’t help it and asked her upfront, even though it’s not considered so ladylike. Without hesitation, she answered that she was 48! I couldn’t believe my own eyes and I started analyzing what’s behind her youthful look. After talking to her, I found out that it’s nothing else than what she ate. This woman eats extremely healthy and according to her own words, the secret is in rice and chili.

Well, girls, you can imagine how curious I was! And as it’s common for us with Ivka, I went onto my personal investigation. And since Rungnapa comes from Thailand, she probably eats mostly Thai dishes. If she eats Thai chili dishes, which ones exactly? During our whole stay, we ate in a Thai restaurant (thankfully, my husband loves Asian cuisine), in order to find the elixir of youthfulness. I took part in a cooking course, where I picked the top three of Thai recipes, which are super healthy because they contain chili.

Did you know that chili is one of the healthiest ingredients in the world? The hotness of the chili peppers is measured on the SHU scale. Pure capsaicin extract has 16 million SHU.  hottest chili pepper in the world is Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, reaching up to 1 463 700 on the SHU scale. Let’s sum up all the benefits:

  • Prevention against tumor diseases and cancer cells
  • It’s very effective when trying to lose weight, it speeds up the metabolism
  • One teaspoon of chili has only 4 calories and provides for one third of recommended vitamin C dose
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Fight headaches and migraines
  • Acts as a lip plumper (!!!)
  • A wonderful aphrodisiac

I would to introduce you the above-mentioned recipes from Thai cuisine, which are incredibly healthy and they even taste great!


This salad is not only beautifully colorful, but also very tasty and healthy. And you know what’s another best thing about it? Green papaya and chili make sure that you will not feel hungry for a long time after eating it.


150 g of green papaya

20 g of whole garlic

20 g of peanuts

5 g of chili peppers

40 g cherry tomatoes

20 g of coconut sugar

70 g of carrot

40 g of green beans

10 ml of tamarind extract

30 ml of light soy sauce

10 ml of lemon juice


I had tried making this time a couple times in the past but I found out now, that the secret of flavor combination lies in grinding all the ingredients in the right order right from the start. Grate the green papaya and carrot into ‘noodles’. We start adding garlic, chili, green beans into a mortar and grind. Then we add sugar and cherry tomatoes cut up into halves. The flavors of the juices start binding together. We continue by adding soy sauce, lemon juice, tamarind extract. And at the end we add green papaya and a bit of a carrot, according to the chef’s words, the carrot is there mostly for the colorfulness. 🙂

We’d like to warn you that green papaya is not sweet as regular papaya. Be careful what you’re buying (speaking from our own experience). You can get green papaya in the Thai restaurant at the Freshmarket in Bratislava. Otherwise it’s a bit tricky to find elsewhere.


An absolute explosion of exotic flavors, that is the tom yum soup, perhaps the most well-known Thai soup. You can serve it with shrimps (goong in Thai language) or with chicken breast. Bother versions are amazing!


100 g of tiger prawns or chicken breast cut thin slices

40 ml of fish sauce

10 g of chili peppers

10 g of lemongrass

broth (ideally from lobster, but vegetable will do as well)

20 g of Thai ginger – galangal

50 g of shitake mushrooms (or regular champignons)

40 ml of lemon juice

10 ml of chili oil

a bundle of fresh cilantro/coriander

kaffir leaves

100 ml of condensed milk

20 g of chili paste



The steps are really easy once you have all the ingredients. Most of the time, you can get them at Bratislava’s grocery store YEME or Freshmarket, also in Bratislava. The broth is essential. Thai chef told me about the lobster broth, well, it might be a bit too exotic and posh around here. Anyway, if you can, make it, if not, the vegetable one is perfectly fine. 🙂 When you have the broth, put it into a pot and cook the ingredients in this order: in the first round add galangal, lemon grass, kaffir leaves, shitake mushrooms and chili. Cook for a while. Add sou sauce, fish sauce, lemon juice, chili paste. Then add cherry tomatoes. Cook again for a bit. Finally, we add the prawns or chicken, cook it (prawns 2 – 3 minutes tops!) and this wonderful tom yum soup is done. Decorate with coriander leaves when serving.


Ladies, don’t get discouraged by the amount of ingredients and their exotic nature. Yes, we agree they are hard to get, but once you find them, they will be good for more than one serving!

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Leave us a comment whether you like Asian cuisine, we’ll be happy to hear all about that!

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Katka (with Ivka’s assistance)