Hey, girls! Since we can say that spring has officially started, this week we’ve decided to talk about our favorite vegetable, asparagus. Some of you perhaps haven’t even added it to yout diet yet and we are kind of asking you to do that, because it’s unbelievable what you can achieve with your body by doing so. Especially Katka is crazy about it because she saw the amazing effects on her weight already a couple years back. It’s the asparagus season now, so don’t avoid it at the grocer’s, buy loads of it and even eat it every single day! Besides introducing and digging into it today from every possible angle, we are planning to post some yummy recipes for you to have some inspiration!

Healing effects


People have known asparagus for a very long time. Originally it was considered to be medicine, proven by its botanical name Asparagus Officinalis (medical Asparagus). The benefits on one’s body are quite diverse. It’s full of Vitamin C, folic acid and by eating it you are also getting E, B1 and B2 vitamins as well as iron, calcium and potassium. It helps to dewater the body which gets rid of toxins through urine. It’s mostly thanks to potassium and asparagine, an amino acid. Potassium is one of the important minerals needed to have a healthy heart and muscle performance. Asparagus takes ballast substances away, which benefits the digestive system and when consumed regularly it can help to reduce the risk of liver cancer. Moreover, it contains probiotic sugar, inulin, which increases the number of useful bacteria in liver. Asparagus also has stimulating effects on blood formation, helps to maintain the vascular system, strengthens the heart, lowers the heart pressure, oxygenates our brain with other organs as well. To top it all off, it even helps with diabetes and problems with substance exchange. Frequent consumption helps women to prevent problems during pregnancy. Because it’s rich in folic acid, iron and calcium, it’s ideal for future moms and shouldn’t be left out of their diet. The amount of folic acid is important for healthy hormonal processes in the body.

Asparagus types

We can distinguish between to two types of asparagus –  green and white, which actually changes its color to violet, violet-green, green when under the light. They are both different in taste, consistency and particularly the way of growing. While the green kind is more aromatic and specific in flavor and it’s quite easy to grow; the white one requires special conditions when growing, the visible, above-ground, parts need the ability to survive without direct light for some time.


Lose weight with asparagus

Many of us would do anything for a beautiful body. We have great news for you! If you eat asparagus regularly, your body will immediately start losing water and you won’t feel full! Detox might be a little off-putting because of the urine smell, but don’t let it discourage you, it’s just a sign of healthy kidneys. The acid asparagine helps with the body cleanse. To be clear, dewatering causes weight-loss which will be noticeable just after a few days after eating asparagus. And if you’re planning a vacation, have an asparagus week!


Rejuvenating effects

Asparagus makes the cells younger and protects them against radicals, suppresses the signs of skin ageing, rejuvenates and regenerates skin, helps with hair and nail growth. Plus, it’s an aphrodisiac. That’s quite a list, right?

If we still haven’t persuaded you, maybe just giving it a try will be enough. Its mild flavor is an excellent side to any meat, but it’s perfect alone too. There are numerous recipes and we are slowly preparing a few of them, so you could feel the benefits yourselves! You can look forward to asparagus variations on Sunday.


Have a beautiful Wednesday and enjoy the sun!


Katka and Iva