Hi girls! Do you also feel the flow of energy that comes with the spring? We love this season the most, because not only does the nature wake up but people do too – especially women begin to think that in a few months it’s gonna be the swimsuit season and therefore they start thinking about sports with more enthusiasm. We chatted with one of you, some time ago, about why she can’t lose weight. She exercises regularly, eats healthy … eventually we came to the root of the problem. The catch was that she couldn’t resist sodas and sweet drinks. And so today’s article focuses on a very obvious, yet extremely important part of our lives – WATER!

It’s kind of like in The Salt Prince. The king didn’t consider it important until he lost it. For most of us, drinking water is an absolutely normal part of our lives, we can’t even imagine not having it. That’s why, according to us, the majority of people still go for soft drinks and sodas. If you are one of them, we will be glad if this article inspires you to change.

We’ve been drinking only water for years! At the very beginning, it was a bit strange, but today drinking juice full of sugar or cola drinks is something unthinkable. Water is great, it’s healthy, it’s pure and that’s exactly what we want to give to our bodies, right?

Every day, about 2.5 liters of water are excreted, all the water is exchanged in approximately two weeks. In order to balance out this amount, there should be appropriate intake of water. We partially get water from what we eat, but the drinking regime is extremely important for a perfectly functioning body!

Here are some of the benefits we’ve found:

  • HYDRATION – this is essential! Each body needs hydration, and if you think you can get it from soft drinks, you’re very wrong! Dehydration instantly reflects on your skin – it’s also our mirror. So if you have dry skin, drink more water! Besides, a dehydrated body results in inflammation in oral cavity, tooth decay and other related odors – that’s probably the nightmare of every woman, isn’t it?
  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALING – Dehydration can cause a few more steps to be a challenge – it increases blood density and the heart has to work harder to get enough oxygen into the cells. Worse flow leads to fatigue, nervousness and sometimes headaches.
  • THERMO-REGULATOION – Water can regulate body temperature and maintain it at an ideal temperature. By having a proper drinking regime, we prevent our organism from overheating – mainly during the summer months, sometimes during tropical heat, in news they sometimes report that people on the streets are passing out because the drinking regime is neglected and dehydrated.
  • CLEANSING – It’s water what helps us when detoxing! The more it passes through our metabolism, the more harmful substances leave our body. Therefore, when we are sick, doctors recommend us a lot of fluids – and they do not mean alcohol or FANTA !!! Water shortages can also cause a slowing of liver activity due to the accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • JOINT AND MUSCLE HELP – Water is a large part of the fluids that will lubricate your joints and muscles. Although it’s not the only element associated with muscle cramps, athletes realized long time ago that even mild dehydration can cause spasms. So drinking water before, during and after exercise can also reduce muscle cramps and premature fatigue.

So what, girls? We believe that if you were holding some sweet drink in your hand while you were reading this article, you then put it down (we must admit that before writing, Katka wanted to have a nice Saturday with Aperol Spritz, she had two sips and poured it in the sink – we can feel and taste all the sugar now !!!). But there’s one more question: What kind of water should we drink?

We are very happy to answer this question: The best water from the tap – as it used to be at  with wells … But unfortunately, we do not dare to say that unless you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere … On the other hand, tap water wins over any sweetened drink anytime!

We have found a solution in mineral waters which, among other things, provide our body with the necessary minerals – this is very important, especially in summer, don’t forget about that! You know what’s great? That we have many natural mineral springs in Slovakia and that’s why we don’t need to buy the most expensive mineral waters imported from the French Alps (we think the closer, the better – therefore go Slovakia!!!

Last year, we discovered Slovak mineral water containing magnesium and calcium – Gemerka. It was on the way to the second day of Pohoda festival, after the first all-nighter. Do you know that feeling when you feel the way a tractor runs you over and you are flushed? Well, we bought Gemerka at the gas station and it was as an IV to our veins! Now we know that the combination of magnesium and calcium reduces the symptoms of tiredness. Magnesium works against stress, revives and has regenerative effects. Calcium helps the absorption of magnesium into the body, plus many other benefits. We had to share this with you, because yes, miracle water does exist!!!

By the way, next Sunday, Just Neon Yoga (www.justneonyoga.sk) will be held in Bratislava, where you can taste Gemerka. If you have not registered yet, go for it, Katka is going to be there, so we’ll be happy to see you there!

And now, we would like to say one lovely thing. April 1, 2018 our Kattivka is going celebrate its third birthday! It sounds unbelievable, but we’ve been here for you for three years now and our work for you makes us happier and happier! In addition to a bunch of giveaways and promotions, we wanted to tell you that if you would like to wish our beloved Kattivka something nice, you can do it on any of the accounts we have (email, instagram, facebook). Throughout the day we will be publishing them on our stories. We believe that many of you are going to leave us a message because our relationship with you is not only work and business and we hope you can feel it. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Katka and Iva