Hey girls! We’ve traveled a bit during the past months which is why we’ve decided to share with you how we feel about a not so pleasant side effect of flying – JET LAG. The older we get, the more we feel it. 🙁 In Slovak language the word jet lag doesn’t have an equivalent, probably because travelling in-between time zones was not always as common as it is nowadays. However, it’s safe to say that in the 21st century, especially among the younger generation, traveling is becoming more and more common. There isn’t any medicine for jet lag which is why we’ll talk about how to reduce symptoms of  jet lag in today’s post.

Why do we even feel jet-lagged?

The human body is influenced by certain biorhythms – one of which is the circadian rhythm, which is responsible for cycling of your energy levels. Our body is used to ‘recharge’ itself with sleep during the night time and to work during the day time. It’s also used to eat three to five times a day. If this biorhythm gets disrupted, we tend to feel awful during the following days.

First of all, it’s key to be aware of the fact that it’s easier to get over jet lag when you’re traveling west, rather than when traveling east. This is also one of the reasons why the English and American natives have a saying: ‘west is best, east is least.’ The reason behind this is that when you travel westwards it’s usually easier for our body to get used to being in a different time zone. When you travel eastwards, you’re trying to fall asleep when your body is still active and you’re also trying to wake up, when your body thinks that it’s midnight. And that can be a problem for many of you.

Anyway, those of you who love to travel (and according to your messages it seems like there’s quite many of you) probably won’t be able to avoid jet lag. Here’s some advice on how to reduce it and win over sleepless nights and feeling tired.

It’s important to remember this when traveling:


This is the most important advice when it comes to traveling: Because of the air-conditioning on the planes, the air tends to be very dry there, which causes our respiratory system to compensate for that dryness by producing more mucus. This can lead to an infection, but this can be prevented by regularly “washing down” the mucus and therefore stopping the bacteria from further reproduction.What always helps is broth which you can find anywhere around the world. In Vietnam it’s called ‘pho’, in Italy ‘brodo’. Who look for it hard enough, will find it. What always helps is broth which you can find anywhere around the world. In Vietnam it’s called ‘pho’, in Italy ‘brodo’. Who look for it hard enough, will find it.


This is something unthinkable for many people from Slovakia! To give up alcohol on a long-haul flight? It’s my vacation and I want to have fun from the very beginning! Well, then don’t be surprised that jet leg is such a struggle for you. Surely, a glass of wine is not going to change your life, but try to not take you travel as some kind of a big party, it can get exhausting in a matter of time.

Another advice regarding jet lag: POWER THROUGH AND ADAPT TO THE NEW TIME ZONE THE FIRST DAY! Meaning that even if you are half-dead and want to sleep, try to get through it! Doing sport helps us for example, because whether you want it or not, it wakes you up for some time. Ideally when the weather is nice, you can go for a run or walk. 🙂

What helps us fall asleep

If you’re traveling to a different time zone, get ready for having trouble falling asleep, prepare some natural sleep helpers.

  • VALERIAN ROOT – It does not have the nicest smell, but it is one of the best things to start feeling sleepy. It’s available in the form of tea, tablets, extract or capsules.

  • MELATONIN – it is a night hormone, which is extremely sensitive to light. When it’s dark, its production increases and the person is sleepier. On the contrary, daylight lowers the production and we are more alert. You can get it over the counter as pills and it’s way more harmless than actual sleeping pills

Vitamins which help us stay fit

After a long journey, we are tired and weak and it can easily happen that your body is so weak that you get sick. Well, and none of you wants to spend your holiday in bed, right? Here are few tips how to stay fit after arrival.

  • VITAMIN C – You can stock yourself on vitamin C a few days before your trip. We prefer the natural way, with fruits, but you can take the capsule version with you and eat it regularly.

  • PROBIOTICS – Human immune system is programmed in such way to adapt to our surroundings. It produces antibodies against substances and pathogens it has to face daily. When we travel someplace new, our natural immunity is not used to bacteria there. It can lead to diarrhea or constipation. Both are very unpleasant companions. With probiotics the reaction to new environment improves.
  • PYCNOGENOL – Extract from the pink tree bark with strong antioxidant effects, 20 times stronger than vitamin C.

  • GINGER – Good old ginger is great for anything. Its anti-inflammatory effects help us get used to any new environment. Drink ginger tea at the airport or after arriving to your destination and it will be your savior against pathogens.

To make our skin look fresh under any circumstances

It was only about how to feel good from the inside, but you are certainly interested how to stay fit from the outside as well. Good-looking skin is a must and that’s why you should know that long trips and time spent at airports or on planes are going to dehydrate it. We usually take a small tub of cream for dry skin on board with us (be careful, can’t be over 100 ml, otherwise they are going to throw it out at the security checkpoint!) and apply it regularly. It slows down drying, but we cannot completely. avoid it

  • HYALURONIC ACID – If you’re 20, just skip this point, you basically do not need it (and we are a bit jealous in a good way, of course!)…:-) But those of you our age, around 30, definitely see the difference ten years ago and now… So, here goes: Don’t forget to take a hyaluronic acid serum (almost any cosmetic brand has it in their product range) and take care of your skin even when traveling.
  • HYDRATING FACE MASKS – We are crazy about them! You can use a face mask every single day, it’s nothing silly! You can maybe try Pure Clay masks by L’oreal, they do wonders!

When you stick to our tips, jet lag won’t be that bad. Of course, it also depends on how long your flight is and what’s the time difference. And also, every body reacts differently. Don’t let jet lag discourage you from flying, because getting to see and discover new places is definitely worth a few of those tired days!


Have a beautiful Sunday!

Katka and Iva