Hey girls, how’s it going? This is the very last post in March, who would have thought, right? We feel like this month has passed extremely fast, many things have happened and we have some top picks of this month that we’d like to share with you.

L’oreal Sugar Scrubs

Everyone around us knows that we are obsessed with healthy and spotless skin and we use masks almost every day of the week. That’s why could not resist and had to try new Sugar Scrubs by L’oreal. These scrubs exfoliate and are 100% natural. Their only flaw is that you can’t eat them, because oh, the yummy smell! The green one is made from kiwi and removes blackheads, we can say that it might be the first thing to actually do something about them. And since we want to make you happy as well, soon, there is going to be giveaway on our Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us!

You can get them at any drugstore.

Adidas Deerupt Sneakers

Katka: When I first got my hands on this pair of sneakers, I almost fainted! They are a bit extravagant, but incredibly gorgeous and even more comfortable! I haven’t been wearing them too much because I kinda don’t want to wear them in this unpredictable weather, but I can’t wait for spring and summer days when I’m going to wear them with jeans and a simple white tank top. They are originally for running, but I’m definitely not planning to destroy them with sport, because they look awesome even in everyday outfits.

If you don’t have them yet, you can find them here www.adidas.sk/deerupt


Electronics is also one of our addictions, that is probably something unknown about us. We follow all tech news on the market. There was a special event in Paris yesterday where Huawei unveiled their new phones P20 and P20 Pro. The ones active on Instagram maybe caught a glimpse of the event on some influencers’ accounts. We have a feeling that the end of iPhones is near, don’t you agree?

Infra Shape Horizontal

Okay, buckle up, ladies, this is something! A new very pleasant space, with these ‘spaceships’ for weight loss, was opened in Bratislava a few months ago. Many of you messaged us on Instagram how and if it works. The answer is: heck yea! Basically, this is a horizontal bike where you have to wear special plastic pants covered with anti-cellulite gel. To maximize the effect you are wrapped with cellophane, so you feel like salami. 😀 Then you get some kind of a skirt that gets attached to the machine. There’s vacuum on the bottom and the temperature is as in a infra sauna (you don’t feel this at all). You cycle and sweat in the upper body as usual. When you’re done, they unbuckle you from the machine and there’s about half a liter of water in the pants, it dewaters you! What is great is that you are completely alone in the room and you can watch YouTube or there’s already one season of Sex and the City ready for you to watch, the whole training session goes by like nothing! We highly recommend trying this, but count with a little wait for an available date, all girl from Bratislava want to look stunning this summer!

For more information: www.shapeitup.sk

Trendy nail polish colors

As with everything, even the shades of nail polishes must follow fashion and we fell in love with these colors. You have to try what suits you though, not all of them might be right for you. It may sound weird but we really did find out that not all the colors of nails look good on our hands. We think it depends on your skin tone and the shape of your nails. 🙂 What are your favorite colors?

Ladies, we hope this was somewhat inspiring for you and you will spend some part of Easter holidays pampering yourselves. It’s so important to find some me-time! If you have your best pick this month you want to share, leave us a comment, please! Not only us, but also our readers, will be happy! We are more than willing to share this space with our ‘girl clique’ with the best tips and tricks how to stay healthy, beautiful and IN!

Have an amazing Wednesday and enjoy the long weekend!

Katka and Iva