Hey girls! We hope you’re enjoying long Easter weekend to the fullest. We, as usual, are going to try to make it nicer with a new post which is dedicated to sport this time. It’s important for us to motivate you to do sports because from our own experience we know what wonderful feeling it is when sports becomes a part of your daily life. Each kind of sports has its pros and cons and everyone is looking for something different. The worst is when you simply don’t find anything enjoyable. At the gym, doing yoga or other sports, you need some membership to a gym or having a trainer or an instructor. The sport we are going to be talking about today requires your willpower and nature. All excuses aside, start running!

We often hear that girls hate running. And to be honest it wasn’t different for us in the past. However, over time, we’ve fallen in love with running, especially for its many benefits it brings:

Faster metabolism, weight-loss

When we started with running a few years back, we had no idea what it would do with our body. Even though we had formed physique from dancing, but different muscles are active when running and our bodies were not used to it, so they immediately began working.

Clear mind, endorphin release

We don’t know anything that beats the feeling of relax when you spend time in nature surrounded by chirping birds and the smell of trees. You can’t put a price on that. The older we are, the more we realize that mental relax is essential for our private and work life. Everyone wants to live the best they can, and a relationship with nature, visiting it at least once a week, increases the quality of life for sure.

Improved skin complexion

Well, this is during any sport activity you sweat. The blood circulation in skin is better and your complexion is going to look more beautiful. Running outside has one more extra benefit, that being clean air. What an oxygen therapy!

Leaner muscles

Running is going to shape your body nicely, your muscles will be stronger, more elastic, but at the same time you are not going to be too buff.

It’s free

If all this hasn’t been enough to make you start running, this is one big motivator. You can run anytime, anywhere and most importantly…IT’S FREE! Nobody can stop you from having a jog even on your vacation for example. You can do it together with sightseeing.

Motivation for competition

If you are a competitive type, we certainly encourage you to sign up for official races, which are, in addition to doing sport, great for socializing. And you know what’s great? That you also get a medal! It might sound childish, but it really will bring a good feeling of a well-spent day. One great event like this is held next weekend in Bratislava, ČSOB Bratislava Marathon (7th-8th April, 2018). More info about the event can be found HERE. If you feel like it, definitely go for it!

We would like to emphasize that it is very important for you to use running shoes, not ordinary ones. In the past, there wasn’t much attention paid to that, even when we started running a few years ago, we went in a pair of converse shoes for the first time, but then our joints hurt so much! So watch sports websites, and if you want to save, follow discounts and promotions, there are always some. We have great experience with the brands adidas and Reebok.

What are the benefits of running?

Besides, it is a great way for women to get stronger, shape the figure, especially the legs and glutes, so it is also a great means of burning calories and getting rid of excess weight or fat. It also helps to prevent stress or bad mood because endorphins, so-called hormones of happiness, are released. Scientists have even found that regular running helps to increase the volume of the important part of the brain called the “hippocampus” that is associated with learning and memory. Compared to non-sporting people, it may be up to a two percent increase. This is just a part of the benefits that should convince you to start running. 🙂

How often and what distance should women run in order to lose weight?

This depends mainly on the intensity of the run. You can also lose weight with HIIT (high intensity interval training), which is really intense and lasts up to 30 minutes, the primary energy source in this case is sugar. The second option is a longer run, at a slow pace, where the body uses fat burning to create energy. By long-term exercise the body learns to use fats efficiently. Begin to run, but gradually. At first 30-minute run 3 times a week is enough and you can switch between a walk with a run. For example, 3 minutes walk – 2 minutes walking. Gradually, you will shorten your walk until you reach a 30-minute continuous run. Then, you extend the run time interval, meaning increasing the intensity of the run.

Is the technique important?

Running technique is very important, especially from a health point of view. Many people jump into running without professional supervision because they think running is easy-breezy and basically everyone knows how to run. Then they are often forced to take a break or lose their desire to run, as it will cause injuries or knee pain, Achilles tendon, etc. It is always good to have a person at the beginning, a trainer who will give you an analysis of your running technique, give you tips, tips on how to modify it, not to end up with injuries and not to lose the enthusiasm. By improving your running technique you can improve your running performance.

When will you get to better shape?

Already after your first run, you will feel better because you have done something for your health, fitness and you will have nothing else left but to continue running.

Tell us something about the project Adidas Runners

It is a unique project that aims to bring runners together in several big cities. Trainings are FREE led by professional coaches. In our weekly schedule you will not only find running sessions, it’s really varied. You can find here BEGINNERS TRAINING, WOMEN TRAINING, YOGA, CHILL RUN, STRENGTH for RUNNERS and much more. At the Tyrš. nábřežie in Bratislava, we have a special place called the adidas Runners BASE where we meet. There are changing rooms, showers, the latest adidas running shoes, which you can try out for free for the training and relaxing area ‘CHILL ZÓNA’. For more information, please visit www.adidas.sk/adidasrunners and our FB group adidasrunnersbratislava.

Girls, if we still have not convinced you that you definitely need to start running in the spring months, then try to go for a walk in nature with faster and faster pace. The main thing is not to be lazy and start, the rest will come. Excuses like ‘I hate running’ do not apply here. Our blog has become a partner of Just Woman project which will be held on June 16 in Bratislava. Write this date down because it’s gonna be one great girl day that both of us are looking forward to. There are some free trainings within the project, but we will give you a heads-up on our social media accounts and also here on the blog. It will be an amazing reason for us to meet up and get to know each other, what do you say?

Our suggestion is that we all work really hard until June and get ready for Just Woman, what do you think? For more information, visit www.justwoman.com.

Enjoy these wonderful holidays, and do something for us: Go for a run tomorrow for at least half an hour somewhere in the nature and then let us know how it feels. 🙂

Katka and Iva