Hello ladies! It’s Wednesday right after the Academy Awards and we didn’t even need to think what we would be writing about today. 🙂 Since you enjoy reading our fashion police posts from various events, we were kinda looking forward to this one. We also have some insider bits and pieces from that night, so read on!

It was the 90th Academy Awards, can you even believe that? Wow, what a number! We were hoping for something special and spectacular, however, in our opinion it was an average American show with mediocre outfits. The viewership decreased by 20% which just proves that we were not the only ones who saw it like this. But let’s honor those new and thrilling stories and exceptionally beautiful and trendy women of the night.

A few interesting facts from this year’s Oscars ceremony:

1. Rita Moreno showed up in a dress that she wore at the Oscars in 1962, when she won ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for West Side Story.

2. Frances McDormand won in the ‘Best Actress’ category. Her speech included feminist statements, which was a little awkward at this point, but that’s just our opinion. The, at the afterparty some guy, Terry Bryant, stole her award and later was arrested by the police. Well, there are plenty of ways how to get noticed in Hollywood!

3. Tiffany Haddish wore a piece by Alexander McQueen, which cost 4 000 US dollars and said that she invested that money into a dress, she was planning to get the most of it. This was the third time she’s worn the gown. Good for her, otherwise, we wouldn’t have known who’s that! 🙂

4. A Slovak actress, Alexandra Borbély, was spotted at the Oscars this year! She lives in Hungary and starred in the main role of a Hungarian film On Body and Soul which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. We need to say that she definitely did not pass unnoticed among all the American celebrities and looked splendid!

5. Last year, the Awards’ organizers were heavily criticized for having too little diversity regarding the race of the actors. This year it was completely the opposite! We think that if all these issues get sorted out in the future, the program will be much more interesting for the viewer. 🙂

Our favorite looks of the night:

Nicole Kidman

Not anybody can wear such an extravagant piece by Armani Privé. But Nicole definitely can! The color goes perfectly with her alabaster skin tone.

Margot Robbie

This hottie in Chanel Haute Couture gown was the star! We really like the simple hairdo and natural make-up. Such a beauty really does not need much.

Jennifer Garner

Gorgeous woman, spectacular dress as well as the color of it. One little thing is maybe that Jennifer’s arms are quite toned and her upper body looks a bit too brawny in this cut.

Laura Dern

This a perfectly matched look! Everything, from head to toe, is flawless. The hair color with the dress create one stunning symbiosis.

Jennifer Lawrence

Honestly? If we ever get to go to the Academy Awards, we are going to be dressed like this! Metallic color is an absolute hit this year, the Dior dress is simple and still very striking. Smokey eyes and waves just complete the whole look. We like this!

Lupita Nyong’o

This is not entirely our cup of tea, but we have to say that the dress really suits Lupita! Maybe it’s because of her skin tone and hair color combined with the golden gown. She really does look alluring.

Rita Moreno

We’ve already mentioned this lady in connection with her dress. Rita was one of the first Hispanic actresses who, because of her temperament, many fans fell in love with and she was also one of the first latino divas that got an Academy Award. Those of you who ahem seen the musical West Side Story, you gotta admit, she was irresistible! And we can happily say that she’d deserve the same compliments in 2018 as back then!

Meryl Streep

This Dior gown is gorgeous, but we somehow get the feeling that it made her look older. Perhaps it’s because of the hairstyle and hair color, and the glasses. Mary is awesome and we love her, but this look is kind of grandma-ish, don’t you think?

Gal Galdot

Oh, we so love this!!! Firstly, it’s a beautiful lady and secondly, she has sequins all over the dress and it looks tasteful! Bingo!

Jane Fonda

Here you can beautifully see that despite being 12 years older than Meryl Streep, Jane is much sexier and younger looking! The dress is hiding what should stay hidden (and highlight the opposite). The look took about 20 years off! Would you say that she is 81 year old? Hats off to you, Jane, we want to look like you when we are 81!

Salma Hayek

Gucci could be held responsible for the biggest faux paux when Salma Hayek wore their dress. Her dress was extremely kitschy with too many trinkets. But maybe it actually is to some people’s taste. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the day and we’ll be back on Sunday.

Katka and Iva