Hey, ladies! Summer is around the corner and dolling ourselves up more than usual goes hand in hand with it. Sun, heat, water certainly give us the energy we need, there’s no doubt about that. Today’s blog post is a fashion related one and also about something we are quite familiar with. Temporary tattoos! Did you know that the tattoos were the first item up on our e-shop and thanks to them we set up our KATTIVA? Perhaps that is the reason why we like them so much and think there’s not a more original accessory than a perfectly styled tattoo.

When starting up our company, the hottest trend was the metallic tattoos, silver or gold (and black) oriental motifs and when we saw them on celebrities as Beyonce,Ariana Grande,Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner we knew that you, Slovak ladies, needed this bomb thing as well. Because who other than beautiful Slovak girls should wear it? As we’d predicted, they were a huge success and that motivated us to bring more and more designs. Black and white tattoos inspired by henna have been added as well as crazy colorful ones. And of course, you are very inspiring and when we saw the photos you sent us, we were amazed how cool you had styled them.

For those of you hearing about this for the first time or you haven’t thought about buying the tattoos, this message goes to you: It’s about time you change your mind!

There are multiple tattoos on sheets which also vary in size. For instance, you can find 5 different size on our e-shop (from extra small to a large one, which looks like a sleeve). One sheet consists of the base white paper with the design itself, then the protective screen and the whole sheet is wrapped in a see-through packaging.



The application is super easy!

  1. First of all, don’t forget to take it out from the see-through packaging (because if you forget, you can just throw the tattoo out).
  2. Think carefully about the design and placement. This goes to those who do things in a hurry, because once you apply the tattoo, it’s quite difficult to take it off.
  3. Cut the chosen design out from the sheet. Be sure that you have dry hands. If you’d like to have the bracelet tattoo, cut out the whole tattoo, measure your hand/arm and then adjust it however you need.
  4. Remove the transparent screen and place the tattoo on your skin. Pay extra care when doing this, there’s no going back!
  5. Get a wet cloth and let the paper soak in the water with slow movements, this will release the tattoo from the paper and move it onto skin. Keep doing so until you feel that the tattoo is completely off the paper.
  6. Finally, gently rub with a dry cloth and that’s it!

Here’s a short video we made a while ago about how to apply the tattoos.


We get quite a few messages asking how long do the tattoos last. Well, we are going to be upfront with you, it’s very very individual. First of all, it depends on the type of skin you have. Ivka has them on for over a week, unfortunately, they start to come off Katka’s skin just after a few days. Also, the amount of sweat, body lotion, time spent in a bath matters. All of the above will make the tattoo disappear quicker.

And what if you’ve already had enough of it and want to get rid of it? It’s possible, but it might be a bit of work. Get a towel and some body oil and the tattoo should slowly start coming off after a few minutes.

Have we changed your mind? The tattoos are a stunning fashion accessory and many not only international celebrities have fallen in love with them. So, why not give it a try? Get some inspiration from our pictures, we tried to pick THE BEST OF KATTIVA. You’ll also find new designs on our e-shop, try them and let us know!

We have one thing here we were supposed to do last week. Thank you for all the post ideas! Since all of them are very interesting, we’ve decided to give every single one of you an online discount which you are going to receive through Facebook. So, wait patiently for the message with the code!

Girls, have a beautiful Sunday and even better start to the new week! The weather should be amazing, perhaps ideal to try the tattoos.

Katka & Iva