We haven’t written a post in the middle of the week for quite some time because we’ve been preparing new collections and we have way less spare time. But we are really going to try to make up for it and post as much as possible. We’re sure you’ve noticed the English language option; we are very happy about that and hope that it will bring even more readers in the future.

Many of you keep asking us why aren’t our articles only about fashion, we have our own brand, after all business/company related blogs are there to increase sales. We’d honestly like to write about everything interesting for us and perhaps appealing to you, believe it or not, this blog is completely neutral when it comes to ads and we are very proud of that! We really do it for you!

The idea of ‘The Superfood Alphabet’ came around some time ago, we thought it would be easier for you to read about each ingredient and its benefits alone, not listing all of them in the recipes. We’ve kind of fallen for this health craze over the past few years and we’d be very happy if it happened to you as well. The best fuel equals the best performance, right? And surely, women of our age, around 30, are focusing more and more on the first wrinkles and aging. Well, ladies, we are in it together and we will try to naturally slow down (or even win) this fight!

We are going to begin with a superfood, which is extremely healthy, its flavor is more or less neutral, so it’s versatile and you can add it to many recipes.


A pear-shaped fruit, Persea americana, or alligator pear. It has its origins in Mexico and even today, it’s the most valuable producer. 80 per cent of it is fat, that’s why people see red flags when talking about avocados. But the fat is its greatest benefit and there’s no need to be scared. It’s a lot better than fructose found in other fruits. It’s actually oleic acid, not fat as lard as people may think, which is also main component of olive oil. That one is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects.


Avocado will reward you with healthy, elastic, and hydrated skin. It’s the source of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce irritation and redness, they support production of collagen and help the body repair damaged cells.

The list of vitamins and minerals is endless, what’s worth mentioning is that avo is high in fiber, which has a large impact on weight loss, helps you feel full for a longer period of time, on average you will not think of food for 3 hours. To prevent cardiovascular diseases and the signs of aging, there’s a very important antioxidant, glutathione found in this fruit.

The fact that avocado has a thick skin prevents any chemicals breaking through and therefore is considered to be one of the purest fruits. Thanks to this, you don’t need to be worried that the flavor would be affected by pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

It has the highest amount of plant proteins as mentioned in the article published two weeks ago: THE BEST PROTEIN BREAKFAST, WHICH MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! Our suggestion: Avocado with cottage cheese for breakfast will make you forget about food until lunch!

Avocado types

There are tens of types of avocado, unfortunately, only two Hass and Fuerte are available around here. They differ in the skin color and flesh consistency; the flavor stays the same.

Hass – the most common, darker uneven skin, softer. It’s better for avo spreads.

Fuerte – the peel is green and smooth, a bit harder inside, suitable for salads.

Both types should be tried to see what you prefer more. You can buy unripe avocados in our grocery stores from time to time, in this case, leave it out for a few days to soften up a bit.


If you have no idea how to cut and peel it, here are the steps!


Avocado is great for salads, as a side dish, it’s the essential ingredient for Mexican guacamole, you can even make a face or hair mask with it! That’s why it’s a superfood and we can’t wait to share more avocado recipes with you!

Have a lovely Wednesday and don’t let the weather get to you!

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Katka & Iva