What’s up, babes! We are here after two weeks, because we simply haven’t had time for the blog in the past few days. Last days were full of experiences and one important event. Let’s go from the end. You may have noticed that the second one from our duo got married on Friday. Yep, Ivanka had a wedding. It was beautiful, romantic, emotional, in a single word – amazing! So, since Friday we are Jakeš – Gaborík. As if we were boys. 😀

We would like to dedicate this post to our yearly event, Pohoda festival, which was, as usual, at the airport in Trencin. Before we’d founded our KATTIVA, none of us was the festival type, but we have to say, that there’s something to it. Even though we attend festivals because of work, it does not discourage us from having bunch of fun. At our stunning metallic stand, we’ve established a stable girl team, our gals, that like to go and make some sales with us there every year. This ‘pop up store’ is great because girls can just come in whatever outfit they have (as simple as denim shorts and a white tank top) and when they leave, they could even be compared to stars at Coachella.


We often arrive at Pohoda on Wednesday afternoon, we put the stand together with the help of our friends and partners and then go through the inventory and get our stock ready. On Thursday, we start setting up the display of our stuff.

The festival opens its gates in the afternoon and it all begins! Do you know why Pohoda is so great? That all the girls that are there really take care of their appearance and their outfits. Then we don’t know where to look first and we are so proud that we belong to the trendy Slovak ladies. We sell almost everything from our e-shop in the stand, however, we mostly focus on tattoos, which are an absolute festival hit! Women, kids, even men get tatted here! We are always happy even when you come to say hello, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat.



Our celebrity friends sometimes stop by. This year, Bruno Ciberej and Miška Kocianová, for example.

And what did we enjoy the most at Pohoda besides working? Well, the whole atmosphere, when you are carelessly walking through the festival city, have some tasty food or drink, meet your friends that you haven’t seen for ages. Price cannot be put on such feeling and that’s the greatest thing!

Well, do you feel like going now? We hope so and that we will be seeing you at Pohoda next year! Have a beautiful Sunday!

Katka and Iva