A few weeks ago, we introduced new fishnet stockings trend of this spring for the first time. Even though it’s quite a big boom now, we discovered them a long time ago and were using them for our dance performances. There have a couple benefits: the greatest is that they nicely form legs (darker tones even make them thinner), moreover for those of us that have pale skin, the stockings add some color and last, but not least, they are incredibly hot.



Since we’d like out blog to have some added value, we looked into the history of fishnet stockings and we are going to share a bit of it with you (so you know, what attitude to wear it with).


The word combination ‘fishnet stockings’ came around 1933, before that women’s bare legs were a taboo and quite inappropriate. Everything changed when skirts became shorter and dresses became sexier. Women started going out and dancing more and they wanted to look good as well as women today. Fishnet stocking were brought to light by cabaret dancers, who wore them to their shows (aaah, now we get it). From the stage to the streets and now we have a fashion trend!


There’s always been a lot of sex connected to the stockings and men are going ‘insane’ when they see them. But the trend of today is to combine them with sport or casual fashion, e.g. with jeans. And that’s something we love and that’s the reason behind them being today’s outfit and in the e-shop! Well, to be exact… we had them in stock for 2 days and they were sold out right away! But the good news is, they’ll be in stock next week.

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You’ll find the details and more pictures of the outfit below. Did you like the article? If yes, we are more than happy.

(T-shirt: LF store – small shop in  L.A., jeans: ZARA, earrings and fishnets:  KATTIVA, sunglasses: PORSCHE DESIGN, sneakers: REEBOK)



Katka and Iva