Hi girls! Many of you often write us some blog post ideas and recently one thing has been popping up quite a lot; how to put a trendy and cool outfit together? So we decided to try to inspire you a bit. For the first time in the history of our blog, we picked clothes from our e-shop, because we have quite a lot of them now. 🙂 By the way, these days you can shop with discounts up to 60%! We wouldn’t hesitate if we were you because the collections are limited…

1.Neon yellow dress

Many of you have been waiting for this dress, and we have to admit that you have a great taste! It’s absolutely great, and that color is simply unbeatable! The rest of the outfit is in neutral colors, and for a long spring you can’t forget about a soft baby pink sweater. 🙂


2.Checkered shirt

This trendy outfit consists of ripped boyfriend jeans and a short checkered shirt. We added a trendy textile belt, a pearl string necklace and a dark green crossbody bag.

3.Grey shorts

Simple yet so stylish! This outfit is amazing for any occasion, and you can be sure that you’ll be in! The whole look is highlighted by Lace earrings, a choker with stones and a necklace with white pearls that goes perfectly with the spring sweater.

4. Red sweater

Red is one of our favorite colors (as you may have noticed :-)). With this outfit, we matched adorable skinny jeans with embroidered flowers with an original sweater with cut out shoulders. Statement earrings with pearls are a must  as well as a super hip red bucket bag.

5.Baby pink t-shirt

The main item of this outfit is a baby-pink t-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans. The outfit will be an absolute eye-catcher with a black choker that gives the outfit a totally different bang, don’t you think?

6. T-shirt with oranges

To work or for a drink on the patio, it’s suitable for any of these. This tee with cute oranges paired with a pleated skirt, a wristlet and our Brown Pearl earrings. You like it?

Girls, we hope this has been at least a bit of inspo! You certainly don’t have to worry about some crazier combinations, because what’s amazing about today’s fashion is that it doesn’t judge. We look forward to it because we can be more creative in the way we dress. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of today, and of course, the extra day off that we all have on Tuesday!

Katka and Iva