We’ve decided to write a very first post about something we all love so much, fashion. Even though, the winter is beautiful, I think we’ve had enough, don’t you think? We’ll try to make it a bit nicer and put us in the mood for our most favorite season – spring. Every single one of you knows the feeling when you put on that light jacket for the first time in three months and you’re not freezing to death. In my opinion, that is an incomparable moment and makes you excited about what’s to come. More sunshine naturally forces you to take out more colors and experiment a bit more because all of us want to be trendy and chic. We have a wonderful message for you! This year’s fashion trends are truly amazing!





Stripes were in fashion in the 60’s, but since fashion repeats itself, it can’t be any different this time. At last year’s fashion weeks, you could see striped dresses everywhere and designers were racing for the originality of their clothes. Thin or thick, horizontal, vertical or even diagonal, mainly colorful and striking. That’s the trend for spring 2017. The vertical ones can make you look thinner, however, BE CAREFUL! the horizontal stripes make everything wider. In the case of oversized things, it can actually be a benefit. You can create many different combinations, the rule of wearing just one pattern, and that’s it, went out of fashion ages ago.


This spring is the perfect time for romantic souls. Hearts are going to conquer our wardrobe. Wearing hearts on t-shirts looks amazing, but applying them onto evening dresses is even better! This new beautiful trend really made us happy and made our hearts melt.



Pink is the color of friendship, happiness and sentiment. It symbolizes spring and has harmonic effects. That’s a bundle of positive news, isn’t it? It’s quite controversial color. Most of us really love the color, but some girls really hate it. Well, those of you who found themselves in the latter group, you’ll have to find a way. Of course, only if you want to be trendy. We’ve adored this color since we were little because it lights up the whole day. Pink is the new black and that’s the way it is.



The dressmakers already discovered the magic of frills in the 16th century. The availability of ornaments and applications was limited, but even in that era you could find some fashionistas that wanted to be in and look classy. And that’s when the first thrill around frills came around. The trend appeared on the runways in 20018 and then 9 years later, which is right about now, it’s here again! Frills have this romantic and delicate vibe, at the same time, frills can subtly hide your imperfections! Let’s give a green light to frills!





The fact, that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously when it comes to life, was understood by this year’s trendsetters. They came up with a new style with various slogans. If you get a t-shirt like this, you’ll definitely look fashionable and sexy. This casual fashion, is a perfect choice for every girl that doesn’t want all the attention but still wants to look stylish. We are in and you?

There are even other trends for sure and we’ll keep posting with more and more. So be on your guard and get your wardrobe ready for spring. A few new pieces will be enough and you’ll be so impatient for spring to come. Which of the trends above would you pick? Let us know in the comments!

Katka & Iva