What’s up ladies! We hope you are great even in these gloomy November days. The time of advent is inevitably approaching, and a bunch of unhealthy dishes that make you gain weight go right along with it, but what can we do, when they are so yummy? When we’ve recently asked you what you’d like to read about, some of you said you’d like to know about our little sins when it comes to eating. See for yourselves in today’s article!

It’s true that we prefer healthy diet, read a lot about it and try to keep the rules. There are some benefits to healthy eating, mostly improving your skin and if you combine the ingredients in the right way, you will simply not gain anything. However, we are totally normal women with totally normal parents and of course our moms and grandmas used to serve us with the traditional meals which, let’s be honest, are miles away from anything healthy.

And that’s why we sin here and there and we decided to show you our worst ‘crimes’ that have ever happened or actually happen more frequently.


1. Chicken schnitzel

This meal has two ‘advantages’ –  it’s quite time-consuming when preparing it and on the top of it, you create a big mess in the meantime. Fortunately, my husband does not like it that much, so I kind of lost the habit of preparing and eating it. But! My whole family knows how to get to me and then, during every visit, there are schnitzels waiting for me on the table. And I’m always so delighted that I eat more than my body can take (knowing that I’ll behave again for some time).


2. Potatoes

Oh, how I think about my childhood with love, when my dad made baked potatoes with onion for dinner and I just couldn’t get enough! I love potatoes in any form and only a few years back, I found out that because of the starch they contain, they are not really the healthiest. Despite the fact that baked potatoes are less harmful than deep fried potatoes, potatoes are quite high in the glycemic index ranking and cause the sugar level in our blood to rise rapidly, which can later cause sudden tiredness. And that’s not what we want for an afternoon at work. I swapped regular potatoes with sweet potatoes, which have a sweeter taste, but are much healthier. However, I have a big portion of potatoes every now and again. 🙂

3. Fruit smoothie every morning

One Saturday morning in March 2017, we decided, with my husband, that it’s time for a spring detox, to cleanse and lose some weight. And since we are both professionals for these couples’ home projects, we took it rather seriously! We bought a nutribullet, a book about smoothies and said we’d make a vitamin bomb every morning. Our fridge was always full with any fruits you could think of and we even enjoyed preparing those smoothies! Quick, tasty and nutritious breakfast, that was the thing for us! But beware! After some time (approximately 2 months), we both realized that we had put on weight. How was this possible, balanced diet and sport, definitely some things we are familiar with! We soon found the root of the problem, the smoothies. The issue wasn’t so much in the fruit itself, but in the amounts and length of consumption. When we eat more that we should, our body is not able to process fructose from it and our liver changes it into glycogen. When glycogen reserves are full, fructose transfers into fat and we begin to gain weight. So be careful with fruits! Eat only in the morning or before noon, 7 days tops and in limited amounts!



It’s no secret, that I tend to eat things which are low in sugar and high in protein. Of course, that requires self-study and a lot of knowledge about food, so my diet would not consist of only 4 meals eaten on repeat. If you want to lose weight, definitely recommended! My goal is not to lose weight, but to have plenty of energy throughout the day, feel good, and last, but not least, strengthen my immune system. And what’s better for that than a healthy diet. But there are days, when my body has this huge, uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet and there’s nothing left to do except to listen to it. I love chocolate! So, if I’m breaking the rules, this is what I go for:



Good old classic. There’s nothing better than eating ‘horalka’ with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. There’s more to horalka for me here in the US because they remind me of Slovakia. You can’t get it abroad, so you can imagine, what’s in my luggage besides clothes.


If I were to eat something sweet, I tried to go for the lesser evil. And I chose chocolate covered almonds. You can find them in American Whole Foods in big containers and you can get as much as you like with a scoop into a paper bag (not the best if you are an addict as me). I fell in love with them so much that I was able to eat a full bag at once, around 40 pieces. You can guess how I was rolling around a few minutes later, when my body received all the sugar. You probably know that sugar is the strongest poison and being addicted to it is nothing unusual. Just so you know, the following day I returned to the store to check what actually is in the innocently looking snack. And I found out that the amount of sugar is the same as in horalka. Which is ENOUGH! The end to this story is that I still eat them and can’t seem to let them go. 🙂


Another Slovak classic, again with chocolate :). It’s surely not the healthiest sweet snack, but we live only once. Mila and horalka can shake hands together for me.

And as you can see, I stocked myself up well in Los Angeles as well. 🙂

Girls, as you can see, even we sin and it’s not about forbidding ourselves to eat something! But when a person switches to a healthy and balanced diet, he begins to ignore the unhealthy things and stops caring about not eating them, because he always can! We are trying to listen to our own bodies and pump in the best fuel, because we believe that it will come back to us. But when the body wants something unhealthy, the world will not come crashing down! You just need to realize, that if you eat unhealthy for a long time, it will show on you weight and health.

And each of us definitely has some unhealthy urges, we’d like to ask you to leave us a comment with them. You will not only feel better, but all of us will, that we are not the only ones secretly stuffing our faces with schnitzels or horalka. 😀

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Katka and Iva