Our dear Kattiva girls! Happy to see you here on our blog. We are glad that you’ve found some spare time to read today’s post because it’s special in some way and we spent quite a lot of time on it and we are super stoked about it. Today is dedicated to soups because we love them and can’t imagine our lives without them. Since we do not live together we hadn’t known that we both love soups up to some point. But once, we started talking about it and realized that we share the same opinion. Soups are very important for us. And so we started digging into it…and we found out a very valuable fact and that is… not only that soups are tasty, they are super healthy!!!

When we were little, our grandmas forced us to eat soups, because they were healthy and we had no idea how right they were. Today, we can honestly say that we cannot imagine our lives without strong broth and we’d be happy if you fell in love with soups as we have by the end of this article!

But it’s not all that simple with soups! We are talking about broth. Bone broth is the best thing we can offer our body. And at any time of day! Yes, you heard it! Broth should not only be a part of Sunday’s lunch. It should be on in your daily menu! It’s about time management and understanding the ‘souping’ philosophy. After we started seeing soups as a daily thing, we feel great and even flu did not get us down. It’s enough if you get used to preparing broth every two or three days and then you can just have it in a thermos , instead of tea, with you. You are going to feel the benefits immediately. It is soothing for the body and soul as well and you can prepare it as you like. The most important thing is to make it with everything good.

Let’s go through the benefits, so you don’t think those are just empty words and promises. What haven’t you known about broth?

  • Detox – helps the body to get rid of unwanted substances, supports liver and its ability to remove toxins
  • Smoothing down wrinkles – there’s collagen in bones, which keeps your skin healthy and youthful
  • Intestines – jello is a big helper with renewal of mucus membrane and fighting against food intolerance
  • Improves immunity – bone marrow broth
  • Strengthens bones – contains protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, copper and vitamins A,C
  • Weight loss – soup provides liquids and protein from bones, therefore when consumed regularly throughout the day, we won’t feel hungry and eat junk food. By making us full, giving up sugar and flour will be easier and losing weight will be less challenging
  • Anti-inflammatory effects –  contains cysteine, glycine, and histidine – amibnoacdis – chicken broth is considered to be a natural antibiotic
  • Fights cold and flu

And well, how to? We’d like to ask you to splurge on the ingredients, it’s about your health. So, try to go for bio ingredients and bones from free range animals. Not everyone has the time to spend hours cooking but you can take care of this by pressure cooker, which speeds up the cooking process, and you can have one amazing broth done in one hour.

There are plenty of ways on combinations how to make broth. We have one recipe for you today, but it’s more about a general rule and steps. Get the ingredients according to your liking.


We need:

Beef bones with marrow (you can also have tails or ribs)

Root vegetables : carrot, parsley, parsley tops, celery root, onion, garlic

ginger, chili, potatoes, bay leaf

Lemon or apple vinegar (helps extracting all the important nutrients from bones)



Wash the bones, put them into a pot with cold water (the more bones, the stronger the broth). Slowly raise the temperature. Let the water boil and remove foam from the top through a sieve. Then add lemon juice or apple vinegar, black pepper, bay leaf.

Lower the temperature and start cooking. After a few hours, we add peeled vegetables and continue cooking (about 2 hours before finishing the broth). The longer you cook the vegetables, the better. The nutrients get to the soup better through slow cooking process (experts say 36 hours). But we haven’t managed that yet. 🙂

If you have a pressure cooker:

Add the vegetables to the bones in the first phase of boiling and close the pressure cooker. Leave on a low temperature for about 60 minutes. Then cool down the cooker in a water bath, open it and your masterpiece is done.

In both cases, at the end, pour the broth though a sieve and back to the pot. Clear bone broth and root vegetables is called consommé. Everything in it is pure concentrated nature, meaning everything what was put into the pot, got infused over cooking. If you want to have vegetables in, but not the overcooked ones, you can put a couple of carrots and parsleys aside and grate them to thin slices, add to the broth and leave to boil. Besides looking beautiful, it will also taste better. But of course, it’s all a matter of one’s opinion, because we prefer not so cooked vegetables.

When the broth is ready and every family member has his first bowl, put it somewhere cold, where it will last up to three days. You can see the strength of the broth according to the color – the more color, the stronger. When we are lucky enough to make dark brown beef broth, we’re the happiest. And then, when we take it out from the fridge after some time and it’s jello, we are beyond happy that everything worked out. Apart from eating the broth itself, you can also use it in different dishes. Theres nothing better than adding broth to risotto instead of water. You can put it in anything basically, it will highlight the taste.

On the top of everything, broth helps your mental health as well. Just thinking about drinking a cup of hot broth before going to bed, makes us calmer. Broth is the symbol of well-being, peace, warmth. But it brings biochemical happiness too. Inflamed intestines eliminate tryptophan. It’s a protein component, which is later transformed into serotonin – the happiness hormone. The solution is to get rid of inflammation and give the body tryptophan and vitamin B. It means protein and nuts. You will feel happier, cheerful and will sleep better. And good sleep is essential for our beauty.

Ladies, if you got all the way here, we are super exited! We wanted to show you the ‘souping’ philosophy, not only give you a recipe. We have always liked broths, but now we are totally into it and we are trying to eat it daily. And we gotta tell you one more thing: not only are we calmer than before, but our skin has improved! We have it for breakfast, snack, lunch…we are doing a great thing for our digestion and cleansing. We’d love it if you tried it with us! Noting can beat taking broth in a thermos with you to work and sip it all morning. Just need to get used to cooking. So if you haven’t had it for lunch today, how about dinner.  😋

We do hope that you liked this post and we’d like to remind you of our interview with the YouTube Martina Hornakova aka Moma, which we are going to do in a few weeks. If you want to ask her an interesting question, leave it in a comment. And if you have any idea or a tip that goes with this tops, message us about that too. Any reaction will be appreciated, it’s what pushes us forward. ❤️