Hello, ladies! Today’s post is about our travels again that you enjoy so much! San Francisco. The city, which Katka danced in a few years back and Ivanka has just recently visited it, when wandering around the states at the weekend, with her husband. She has prepared a small report full of tips for you. 🙂 So, read on and get some inspiration!

San Francisco – a place so easy to fall in love with and so hard to leave. It’s a home for liberals, hippies, hipsters, immigrants and IT guys. It’s a known city of gays, that’s why every single lady will feel a little bit less. 🙂

It’s a magical place for me, I’ve been thinking about visiting it for quite some time. I’ve probably seen all the movies made here, for instance Escape from Alcatraz, The Rock, Inside Out and many more. Since we hadn’t managed a summer vacation over the summer, after landing in LA we said, me and Majo, that we would go somewhere just for a weekend. So, the decision fell on my dream, San Fran. I also thought of you, that’s why I took pictures of everything and wrote down some tips, so you’d have it easier in case you find something appealing in this post. 🙂

Day 1

We landed on Friday sometime around noon, checked in and headed off right away to a recommended place with good food called True Normand. We tried homemade salamis, pate and amazing cheese. When walking through the restaurant, they were slicing huge pieces of meat on a big table, well, I wonder what our inspectors would say about that. 🙂

With a full stomach, we hailed an Uber and our next stop was Lombard Street –  the most crooked road in the world, that everyone likes to take pictures of. We couldn’t miss it either. 🙂

You might ask, why we didn’t go on foot. Well, I’ll tell you why. This city is built on these crazy and steep hills! The streets are almost perpendicular. It can be a good workout for the locals, but we came here for a trip and not a weekend fitness camp!

Back to Lombard Street, which used to be straight but because of safety reasons, turns were added in the residential area. They for, sure, did not expect that it would be one of the most famous streets in the world one day.

From here we continued towards Jefferson Street where we found little shops with souvenirs, cafes, wax museum but also Eden Fine ART gallery, where I’d like to buy every single thing because I love pop ART. The gallery represents international pop and modern ART artists. It was full of incredible colors!

Last stop of the day was Coit Tower. Since it was ‘just around the corner’ from Jefferson, we decided to walk over there. My other half kind of regretted it a bit later. 🙂 Let me tell you, walking up that hill was quite a challenge! :)) The panoramic view over the San Francisco skyline was definitely worth it, though! You can see Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge and from the other side of the tower, Bay Bridge and The Transamerica Pyramid.

After an all-day stroll, we called a cab and went to the hotel to change our clothes. And then we just had dinner in Boulevard Restaurant ahead of us; it was recommended to us as a ‘must-try’. I was expecting a timeless contemporary interior, or something that would blow me off my feet at first sight. Right as we entered, I noticed and old wooden bar, brick ceiling, and the mostly older people inside. I thought it was a mistake and it might have been a top spot in the past. Full of expectations we waited for our order. Foie gras as a starter and steak as a main course… and I’m going to tell you, that it was pure heaven. Top top top.

Something about the restaurant business in San Francisco:

  • One of the best gastronomical places in the world
  • You can find 4 415 restaurants here
  • 54 of them have a Michelin star
  • Every tourist’s number one activity is to visit some good food places
  • On average, the lifecycle of one restaurant is 6 months to 1 year because of the amount of competition
  • Around 60 restaurants closed down in winter 2016

Day 2

We were thinking of having breakfast some place other than the hotel but when we found out how long the queues for good seats are at the weekend, we changed our minds very quickly and ate at the hotel.

Before leaving for San Francisco, I’d already studied all the information about the Golden Gate Bridge and where to go to have the perfect view of it – the place was Battery Spencer. It was a highlight of the whole trip for me, how I thought I’d sit down on a bench and just watch everything around. But you know how it goes, the more excited you are about something, the more probable is, that it will just go wrong. The fog was so thick that I hardly saw the bridge. With 10 degrees Celsius outside and strong wind, we were freezing quite a lot. 🙁 Spoilt by hot summer in Slovakia and LA we just were not prepared for this.

On the way back, we noticed a Tour Bus. So, we hopped on and went back to the city. We had the chance to see more fascinating sights and parts of the city.

We had lunch in Rotunda Restaurant. Once again, the food was delicious but this time, the interior amazed us as well. See for yourselves.

As the afternoon approached, we had a night tour to probably the most famous prison, Alcatraz, on our agenda. Of course, the prison isn’t operating for many years and that’s why no trip to San Fran can be without visiting this, now, a national park.

To see the cells of the most dangerous criminals and listen to their real testimonies and those of the bailiffs, was thrilling! When I tried to put myself in their shoes, I had goosebumps all over myself.

When having the night tour, the advantage is that you get to see the sunset, which I’m in love with so much!

Day 3

We had only a few hours left to our departure and we chose to see the Golden Gate Park.  It’s about 20 % bigger than Central Park in NYC.

We couldn’t miss the Conservatory of Flowers with the expo of butterflies at that time, then Japanese Tea Garden; we ordered original matcha tea and jasmine tea and went for a walk around the perfectly kept garden.

And our time was up, we had to return to the hotel, pack everything and fly back to LA. We really hope that we will be back to explore this city more! This place has special energy for me and I’m adding to my favorite spots.

Girls, did it motivate you to go? Leave us a comment with your experience with this city or perhaps even some tips for some sights.

We wish you a beautiful Sunday.

Iva (and Katka assisting from abroad)