Hey, girls! It’s Wednesday, fashion talk time. It’s the ball season right now in Slovakia and many of you are definitely looking for some kind of dress inspiration. In the US, it’s the award-giving time and celebrities seen on the red carpet go hand in hand with it. And that’s why we’ve decided to have a look at the outfits from the 24th year of SAG Awards, (Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – AFTRA). We hope you’ll like this post and find it full of inspiration. And attention! The winner of Pure Clay L’Oreal giveaway is at the end of today’s post!

Reese Witherspoon

Dark green is one of our favorites, because it suits us, blondes, so much! The dress is incredibly simple and decent, it highlights her personality. The fact that less is sometimes more in fashion has been mentioned here many times and here’s proof! The dress is by Zac Posen, jewelry by Gismody.

Nicole Kidman

This woman undoubtedly has style! As a person with porcelain skin, Nicole knows that not all colors are for her and she shows that at every event. Unusual bronze material is simply cut, nothing disturbing. Her beautiful, natural look just makes it perfect.

Margot Robbie

Gorgeous and trendy Miu Miu gown with feathers is one of our top designs of this evening. The actress, herself, is one heck of a sexy lady, that would look good in anything! We also like the length of her hair, which is in right now. You really do not need to have a super complicated bun, which can make you look older, don’t you think?

Noah Schnapp

This very young start of a new TV series hit Stranger Things was all spruced up! Dark emerald green suit is something super in at the moment, and well, he looks lovely in it!

Millie Bobby

We already introduced this young lady in the Golden Globes post, where she looked much older than she actually is, well, it shocked us! Here, she finally wore something appropriate for her age and we can completely let the Converse sneakers and short Calvin Klein dress go. What would her older colleagues do for being able to wear sneakers on the red carpet without anyone criticizing, right? If you’re wondering what she wore a few weeks ago to the Golden Globes, HERE.

Giuliana Rancic

The hostess wore a really interesting and fine looking sequin gowns, perhaps inspired by the swing era of the previous century, which we love! We especially like unique sleeves with bare shoulders, which are so in! A truly splendid look!

Goldie Hawn

It’s not that bad but we would have actually tried to hide everything kind of hanging or sagging. In this case, the skin on her arms. The dress itself is nice, but does not suit the actress.

Kate Hudson

Well, this is the bravest look of the evening. First of all, it’s a Valentino dress, which is very extravagant, then, it’s the hairdo which stands out. It just somehow does not seem to work together for us. We consider this princess polka dot dress and a boyish haircut something of a crazy move of an actress with an amazing style.

So, what about you girls, found any inspiration? Are you going to a ball this year? What are you going to wear? Leave us a comment, we’ll be happy to hear all about that!

The winner of Pure Clay is Alica Faťarová! Congratulations, drop us a message at info@kattiva.shop for all the info!

Have a beautiful Wednesday

Katka and Iva