What’s up! This is a special edition of our posts because when we posted a photo of poppy seed muffins on our Instastories on Sunday, many of you asked us for the recipe. Therefore, we decided to give you the recipe as soon as possible, so you can try them as well. We apologize for the quality because taking pictures of food is not one of Katka’s strengths. ­čÖé


50 g of coconut oil

70 g of ghee butter

4 eggs

maple syrup if you wish (4 to 5 tbs, depends how ripe the bananas are)

3 RIPE bananas + 2 for decoration

100 g of ground poppy

100 g of ground almonds

a pinch of salt

dark chocolate and strawberries for decoration



Preheat the oven to┬á180 degrees C. Coat a muffin tray with coconut oil, in case you forgot – it sometimes happens to me and then I’m super mad! ­čśÇ

Peel and blend or smash the bananas, add coconut oil, butter, syrup, egg yolks. Blend it into creme. I blended the bananas in a Nutribullet and the rest with a hand blender.

Get all the powdery stuff ready. First, you need to make flour from the almonds, so grind them (I used the Nutribullet again, if you have it, of course – it has a special milling blade). You can also get almond flour from a shop, but I already had some peeled almonds at home. Thoroughly mix it together with poppy.

Beat the egg whites into a foam in a third bowl – add a pinch of salt right at the beginning.

Now you need to mix all three bowls together. Firstly, slowly and with care, start adding poppy with almonds into the banana one. Then carefully mix snow into it – if you do it too quickly, it’s going to get flat. ­čÖé Put this lovely poppy mixture into ┬áthe muffin tray and decorate with bananas on top.

Leave in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes (check with a toothpick after 25 minutes). When the muffins are done, leave them in a room temperature and they will beautifully unstick from the tray. We recommend serving with dark chocolate, just heat it up right before in a microwave oven – this combination is amazing!

And here’s the result! It tastes even better than it looks! ­čÖé


  • If you can’t find ghee butter, you can also use the regular one, but ghee is healthier.
  • If you are not able to find ripe bananas, put this recipe off for later. I once used the unripe and it was tasteless.
  • Add syrup as you like and based on the bananas, you can also use honey instead.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Katka (and Ivka)