Hey! We are here for the second time this week, which is great, because Wednesday’s post was quite successful, so we are very happy! 🙂 We believe, that the first week of the new year went the best way possible. Many of you are still on the holiday mode and many of you are already busy at work. We are in the second group, because we simply love it. J

New Year always brings new energy along with it, usually when you take all the Christmas decorations down and put everything in order, right? We love Christmas, but everything has its limits. We are always looking forward to the moment when we put the Christmas tree away and all of a sudden, the place looks tidied up. 🙂 Besides that new energy, there are new ideas and for some, resolutions that go with the start of the new year. And it’s those resolutions we’d like to talk about today.

First of all, let us warn you, that we don’t think that resolutions should be made only because of New Year. It’s simple, if you want to start exercising, stop smoking, don’t put it off. But Christmas time is perhaps the point when people stop and think about their life up to that point and the previous year and what would they like to change. Katka summed up a few things she’d like to change or keep. Ivka has no resolutions and if she wants to change something, she takes action right away.

So, what could or should I do in 2018?


We are quite into healthy diet, not only in theory. It’s all about getting started and about your mindset. If someone sees junk food as a gourmet experience, it might be difficult to make him switch to healthy diet. But where’s a will, there’s a way. Eating healthy is a more complicated way though, because you actually need to devote some time to it, be creative. Of course, the easiest thing would be to have a slice of bread with butter for breakfast, fried cheese with fries for lunch and pizza for dinner. But then, don’t be surprised if your belly starts to grow.



Black is super chic and goes with everything, no discussion there. But there are many other beautiful colors out there, that we just don’t wear as much as black. So, I made a promise to myself that I’m going to avoid all black outfits. Trendy red, which is amazing and more original than black, definitely deserves to be in the spotlight. 🙂



It’s often said that friends are the family you choose. The older you get, the more difficult it is to make new friends, but it’s worth giving a shot. Spend time with your friends, because your life would be way more boring without them! Share those important moments in life with them and maintain relationships with people who matter the most!



Our country is so beautiful and does not get enough of our attention! Many people from Slovakia still stand by the opinion that it’s necessary to go somewhere by the sea in summer and then are pushed and shoved in crowded buses or airplanes on their way to scorching Turkey or Egypt. But how about holidays in Slovakia, much cheaper than traveling abroad. We’d like to see as many Slovak places as possible, explore the mountains, castles, the atmosphere Slovakia has to offer, in 2018. Ivka is all in as well. When she’s here in summer, she never wants to leave and loves spending her free time in the mountains. Girls, if you have any trip ideas, share them, we’ll be thankful!



Your body needs constant care and attention. Especially nowadays, when there are many toxins in the air and sometimes we don’t even know what is on our table. That’s why we think that our body would benefit if we took better care of it inside out. We’ll talk about detox in detail soon.



Reading is all about getting used to. If you are a fan of motivation literature, detective stories, historic novels or biographies, reading is definitely a great way of clearing the head. How many of us are used to being on the phone whilst watching TV? Do you even realize how unhealthy it is?


We’d like to announce, that in 2018, there will be interviews with some known or less-known people up on our blog, which could be interesting for you. We don’t want to do it like journalists though, we’ll be more than happy if you help us. It’s gonna go like this: we reveal the name of the interviewee and you will help us with some creative questions. First of all, you’ll find out what you want to know, secondly, it’s going to look as all of us are at the interview together. So, what do you think? The very first person we’ll be interviewing in a few weeks is a comedian and an actress, Evelyn. What an inspiring woman, don’t you think? We will be asking you to leave comments with questions underneath the upcoming blogposts. And you can start now. Well, since we’d like to encourage you to truly fresh and creative questions, all those questions that will end up in the interview, will be rewarded with a present!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Katka and Iva