Hello! We were a bit worried about your reaction regarding our ‘Mini Fashion Police’ from the Golden Globes, and we almost passed out when we saw how the reader count rose (even in English)! So, with your approval, we will write about topics like this one more often. 🙂 We had two photo shootings last week: Ivka for one popular sports brand in beautiful Half Moon Bay, and that’s why she documented the whole thing and you will be reading a travel post about this must-see gorgeous place in no time. 🙂 Katka shot for a Eurovea shopping center magazine, where you will find an interview with both of us about dance amongst other things.

What actually is detox and why do we need it? We’ll try to explain in through a very simple example (although a bit manly one, but hitting the nail right on the head). Imagine a car that has seen its best years and the mileage isn’t the lowest either. This car is our body. The car needs to be checked after some kilometers to keep going. Within the check-up, the AC gets cleaned (this could symbolize fresh breath), exhaust (stool), oil filter (liver), water filter (kidneys), piping (intestines). If you take good care of your car regularly and pump quality fuel in (food), it’ll be in the best shape possible longer.

We can consider detox as a body check-up, when we intentionally get rid of all the toxins that naturally make their way into the body throughout our life. Unfortunately, we live in an era full of toxins, maybe even without realizing it, but there’s no way to avoid it. Even eating exotic food, cuddling our beloved pets or inhaling various gases. It’s possible to adjust it a little, for example by consuming high-quality food and regularly detox and cleanse.

We’ve decided to divide today’s post into three main parts: detox diet, exercise detox and skin detox. Hopefully, you will find this inspiring and motivation. 🙂


Beauty comes from within, that’s an old saying. Yes, you need to take good care of yourselves from the outside, but ideally do both at the same time. In the past, detox used to be called lent, so body cleanse is nothing new. We picked some tips we swear by, how to improve digestion and give a kick-start to you body from inside. It’s all about getting used to eating these foodstuffs, nothing impossible.

  • MILK THISTLE – this wonder is used for liver detox. Liver is something like a filter in our body, removes toxins. Thistle helps us avoid various liver diseases and you can also buy it in the form of oil. It’s a strong antioxidant which fights against aging too! Add it to your salads or eat a teaspoon daily.

  • SOUPS – This is quite a wide topic and we have to say that we are total soup addicts. There’s nothing better for the soul than good strong broth. We’ll get back to this separately, because we want to share this soup addiction with you. When detoxing, try cabbage soup which will cleanse your intestines and make your skin look nicer.

  • GARLIC – Have you ever realized that we worm pets but not ourselves? And it’s even proven, that there are different parasites in human body. It’s quite logical since we are in a similar environment as animals. We don’t eat off the ground and don’t lick ourselves, but we still face the dangers of the outside world. The best parasite killer is garlic. But not all of us can eat it daily, so go for pill concentrates.

  • TURMERIC – This is great for a detox from the inside as well as a detox from the outside. It has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cleansing effects and besides that, tastes yummy. So there’s nothing standing between us and adding it to our daily diet.

There are plenty more things with detox effects. Today, we have introduced the best ones for us but if you have more ideas, share them!


When detoxing, healthy diet is not the only thing that matters, but the overall lifestyle plays a part, including movement and exercise. Some form of regular movement helps blood circulation and lymphatic system, which is connected with the first one. With higher activity in the lymphatic system, more harmful toxins get removed from tissues. So, exercise has a direct effect on the cleansing processes in our body.

  • WALKING AND RUNNING: Not all of us have time to visit the gym regularly, but you can have some movement even without that. Just switch your car for your legs or an elevator for stairs. Laziness is one of those human features and of course, for those who are not used to exercising, it’s difficult to start and they are able to find millions of excuses. But get to it because of your health!

  • YOGA: Yoga poses are wonderful for detox of organs. It’s a great way how to exercise, have some rest and heal the body. The absolute top is hotyoga, which definitely deserves its own post.

  • ANY OTHER CARDIO: All sport activities, where you sweat, can be considered as a part of your detox. Harmful substances are removed by sweating or peeing.


Another important organ of detox is skin. As we’ve mentioned, many harmful things leave our body through sweat. But the same way they leave through skin, they can be absorbed through it and that’s why we should pay attention when choosing our skincare regimen.

When talking about skin, all of you will agree that there are different problems on each area of the face. We’ve recently discovered the method of multimasking, which is basically putting various types of masks on face areas. In reality, it looks like this: if you have a problem with blackheads on the nose and chin, you have oily skin right there. Usually, there are no problems on cheeks, so nothing heavy is needed on them.

If our men have ever freaked out when we came out of the bathroom with a mask on, after multimasking, they will forget all of that and ‘pee their pants’ 😀 Well, who cares if that supposed to help, right? By the way, it’s a great way of saving the masks for more uses.

Amazing way how to pamper and cleanse your skin, is to use products with mineral clay:

  • White clay, kaolin – it acts as a natural detox agent, gets deep into the structure of skin, effectively and carefully removed dead cells. It cleanses the skin, makes it smoother, regenerates and revitalizes. It also makes it softer, improves the structure, elasticity and firmness. It’s the softest one of all the clays and that’s why it’s recommended for sensitive, dry or aging skin, the most.
  • French green clay, montmorrilonite – It’s meant for sensitive skin, but for its cleansing, anti-septic, disinfectant effects can also be used for oily and acne-prone skin. It makes the skin firmer, softer and more regenerated. It regulates the production of sebum and balances out skin and trouble areas.
  • Rhassaul, Moroccan clay – with its unique composition of siliceous oxide, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, it helps to remineralize the skin. Its anti-bacterial effects make is wonderful for combination to oily skin and also aging and acne-prone skin. It detoxicates, regulates the production of sebum, regenerates and evens out skin and mattifies.

For skin detox, we recommend L’oreal Pure Clay masks, which we’ve been using for quite some time and they are specially made for skin cleansing. And it’s unbelievable how effective they are! They can be used alone but also for multimasking. We’ve been using them one by one but after trying the second option, it’s become clear, what’s better.

The masks come in three color, because they contain eucalyptus (green), active coal (dark grey) and red algae (brick). Besides that, they also contain the above-mentioned three mineral clays. They can be used daily and if you want to look your best or are going out, use them at least for a week! They’re definitely worth trying out!

Ladies, we hope that you enjoyed reading this detox post! Many of you wrote us that you’d be happy to read about this and well, it wasn’t short, but there are many ways how to detox, so we tried to sum it all up. Anyway, we’ll appreciate if you share yours, in a comment below. Other readers will surely appreciate it as well!

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Have a beautiful rest of this Sunday!

Katka & Iva