When I was offered to be part of a campaign for a German brand of glasses, MINADI, I had no idea that there was more than work in it for me and didn’t even imagine that an interesting post was going to come out of that, and even better a trip idea for those of you who are planning to visit California. You’ll find out more about my trip to Joshua Tree National Park if you keep reading.

Life in LA is amazing, but you spend quite some time in the car because of the traffic (but this issue deserves a separate post). So, when I found out that the photoshoot would take place 2.5 hours away from LA and I had to add the same amount of time for the traffic, I just rolled my eyes. But one needs to value his job, therefore I didn’t say a word and off I went. What came later completely amazed me.


Joshua Tree is the name of one of US national parks which is 250 km (approx.155 miles) far from LA. It got its name after Yucca Brevifolia tree, also called Joshua Tree. Even though it’s not a regular tree, it can definitely be compared to other trees. Its height can reach to 10 meters (around 33 ft.) and it can live up to 700 years. Its unusual name comes from the first settlers who were intrigued by its bark reminding them of a man with open arms.

It covers an area of 323 748 ha and the fascinating thing is that there is a border of two different deserts, two ecosystems and two altitudinal zones. Mojave Desert lies at around 1000 – 1800 m above sea level and Colorado Desert at 910 meters above sea level. Both of the deserts have a completely distinct vegetation which is mainly represented by a cactus, you can find around 17 types of it here! We had a couple of mishaps with cactuses, as it usually happens, the photographer ( Peter Jirmann Jr.) is willing to do the impossible for a good picture, so here and there he was ‘poked’ by the spikes. It was really painful and very difficult to pull the spikes out! As I was trying to help him, I even got some myself and that was it. So, if you ever decide to go there, be careful.

Another adrenalin bonus was the information about animals which we, people from central part of Europe, know only from American movies. The ‘mascot’ of the whole park is a coyote, which is used to people but it’s not advised to feed it, since it’s still a wild animal. The fact that there are tarantulas just running around the park, didn’t make the situation better. Other animals which can be spotted here are lizards, rattlesnakes, special species of a desert tortoise, hummingbirds, owls, a famous roadrunner, a bald eagle, small rodents, desert sheep, foxes, a lynx and even a puma. Most of them decide to party at night when they go hunting, they should be harmless during the day. Well, now imagine my running pace when the sun set. 😀

The photoshoot was quite challenging, it took almost 10 hours and it was extremely hot (figures, since it was a desert). There’s no reception in the desert, so forget about selfies with spiders, also no restaurants, we had to survive the day with what we had packed. But it was all worth it! In the evening, we had dinner in the nearest restaurant (yep, I had a hamburger, ‘cause I was in the mood for it) and full of experiences from this one-of-a-kind photoshoot the gang prepared for the next, probably usual, day.

U2 added to the popularity of the park with its album from 1987 called ‘Joshua Tree’. The lyrics and atmosphere of the songs are in perfect harmony with what the visitors of all ages feel in the park. ‘I’ll show you a place high on a desert plain where the streets have no name’ are the lyrics of the song. Anyone who ever visits Joshua Tree National Park wants to return again and again, it’s such a magical place where one’s mind is at peace and he’s filled with inner balance, this is THE place to unwind. Well, take a look at the photos and see for yourself.

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