Hello, ladies! Summer is slowly getting to the end and we do hope that you enjoyed it! We have some amazing memories left from it! First, we went to Pohoda festival, where we definitely had fun, then Ivka got married and was breathtakingly beautiful! In August, our ways were separated but we work together every single day to bring you new collections we will introduce soon and we need to say that you really do have something to look forward to!

Same as last year, we decided to set up a charitable event for someone who really needs it. We managed to collect 300 EUR last year, which we personally took to a children’s home in Nitra in the means of gift cards to a sportswear store. Because we love sport and we think every kid, doing sports when little, has a chance for a better life.

This time, we have decided to help little Tomáškovi Prno from Trenčín. We are interested in his story because he’s not a stranger to us and we care a lot about his cure.

Tomáško was born 18/8/2010 as a healthy baby. When he was around 3 months old, his parents started noticing that something was not alright. He was not developing physically as a child his age should. And the never-ending time of medical check-up started. Tomáško’s parents did not know the exact diagnosis even after months went by. They were waiting for the genetic test results for a whole year! In the end, he was diagnosed with a very rare disorder, PMD (Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease).

PMD belongs to hereditary metabolic disorder caused by abnormal metabolism of myelin (substance surrounding nerve fibers), which carries signals from the brain to the body. It is a disease bound to chromosome X, therefore mostly men suffer from it.

Clinical symptoms may vary a lot. The disease lasts for years; however, some signs may be recognized at a relatively early age. One of the main indicators is abnormal movement of the eyes (horizontal nystagmus), neurological signs of ataxia or various choreoathetotic movements, disruption of mental development, significant muscle hypotonia appears alongside and apart from neurological signs we can mention scoliosis as well.

PMD is without a known cure for now, only symptomatic treatment e.g. rehabilitation, can help the disabled.

Tomáško’s parents are very strong and they are not giving up the fight for a normal life. They are helping with different external stimuli, exercising in several ways. They visit rehabilitation centers, go swimming, use hippo therapy (horses), canis therapy (with doggies), special stimulating massages
and other procedures. The parents also see specialists, who help them with more additional methods hoping to make Tomáško’s condition better. These methods focus on special diet and water intake. And there’s hope that if they strictly follow the diet, regular exercising and rehabilitation, he might be
able to stand on his own one day.

All of the things are enormously financially difficult, some extra aids for the tiny body are needed too (e.g. exercising tools, special chair, stroller, verticalizer, car seat and many more).

Tomáško is an amazing fighter, who isn’t going to stop trying and has strong will, he’s working with the doctors wonderfully during the exercises. He would like to experience everything but it’s only baby steps with the progress now.

Girls, Christmas will be here in no time and we would like to give Tomáško a nice Christmas gift from all of you. If each one of you donates at least 1 EUR when ordering something, we will surely collect the same amount as last year if not more! Because we all know, that us, KATTIVA girls, have good hearts!

If you’d like to help and donate, you can do so HERE!

For the non-Slovak speakers, unfortunately, the main donation page is available only in Slovak, so here are the instructions, it’s super simple:

‘Sem napíš sumu, ktorou chceš prispieť‘ – translates to ‘Write the amount of money, you’d like to donate’, type in the sum and then you just add it to you cart ‘Pridať do košíka’ and then click the shopping bag in the top right corner and click on ‘Pokladňa’ – ‘Checkout’.

On the checkout page you are able to switch the languages, so go ahead, click the English flag in the top right corner. 🙂

We hope you have a beautiful Sunday and we wish you even more wonderful first school week!

Katka and Iva