Hello, girls (and we are so happy that men are starting to read us as well)! Another new category we’d like to have as of 2018 is our must-haves of every month. In reality, at the end of each month we are going to go over the most interesting products or places we have discovered throughout that month. We believe that you will like this column as much as the interviews. The first one, with Evelyn, reached the highest reader count! If you haven’t gone through it, read HERE. Now back to today’s post, here are our January faves!


We don’t need to introduce this internet star to the younger audience (meaning up 18). However, to women our age, MOMA can be somewhat unheard of. The fact is, that on all her social media channels, she has almost a million of subscribers and girl are crazy about her. We’ve created a project #TravelWithMoma. So, if you have young gal, who could possibly be her fan, give her this keychain and you will definitely be a star! Besides being a nice accessory, girls have a chance to win it on Instagram! Any picture with this keychain slash traveler with a tagged place and a hashtag #TravelWithMoma will be rewarded by Moma herself. You can buy the keychain HERE.



From the moment we discovered this trendy little thing, we can’t image our lives without it! Livia, soothes cramps and menstrual pains through electronic impulses. And no pills!


This new cosmetic line is interesting for us also because it’s created by a very skillful lady from Slovakia. We love supporting Slovak brand and products and that’s why we tried it and were pleasantly surprised!



We’ve already talked about this wonderful foundation, but it has earned a place here once again. It’s based on recognizing skin’s undertone, which means that after you take the test, you won’t have to think about whether the foundation turns pink or you have a white neck. You can take the test on their website. And below you can have a look at a new campaign, where you can see one of us. 🙂




What would we do without diaries and personal agendas? For our hectic lives this is a definite must-have! Besides being able to note down important dates, make lists and tick things off (OH, WE LOVE DOING THIS!), you can also read some bits and pieces about our favorite sportswoman, Dominika Cibulková.

Boys and girls (we need to find one name for the whole group :-D)! Here’s a little summary of what’s been happening over the past couple of days! The winter sale on our e-shop is about to end, so reward yourself today, cause it’s not gonna get cheaper than this! We are also going to choose the winner of the winter giveaway on Instagram tonight, so if you haven’t joined, get right to it, you can win everything you see in the picture below! 🙂

We also wanted to show you two articles which have been published in different media. One is a lovely interview about our cooking and eating for www.menucka.sk, you can read it HERE.

And the second one makes us really proud, because Forbes itself noticed us! It’s almost unbelievable! You can read something about our company and blog HERE!

Enjoy reading these and today’s evening as well!

Katka & Iva