Hello girls! We haven’t prepared anything from the world of fashion in a while because we had the need to motivate you for a spring detox and a kick-start before summer. However, you’ll definitely agree with us that the way we look and present ourselves is extremely important nowadays. We, Slovak gals, are very trendy and follow latest fashion. That’s why we decided to introduce one fashion trend that you might have noticed around you but can’t really find a proper name for it. We are talking about hypebeast.

Those obsessed with this trend are completely addicted to limited editions, showing-off and wearing what’s in at the moment. They are willing to invest crazy money into their outfits. Hyped brands are making the most fo this, they are aware of the demand and the bubble which is around an overpriced product. To influence buyers, the brands use trendsetters who make the target want to buy their latest fashion creation.

Hypebeasts are fashion maniacs who desire to be the coolest and they are the first to own a somewhat hip item. Recently, it’s been mostly about sneakers which are the center of all the fashionistas’ attention all over the world (including Slovakia). This is why some sneakers bare the name of a celebrity (for example: adidas Stan Smith, Pharell Williams). If hypebestasts don’t manage to buy the piece when it comes out, they race to the Internet to purchase it there with the price tag going higher and higher (and here we have a new place for ‘re-sellers’, who snatch more pieces of one particular anticipated item and then double or even triple the price).

A perfect example of this madness is a pair of Adidas Originals Pharell Williams HU Holi NMD which cost 250 EUR and despite that none of them were left in Bratislava’s Footshop within ‘seconds’! Well, girls, do you consider yourselves to be hypebeasts?

Have a nice Wednesday!

Katka and Iva