Hello, girls! It’s Sunday and as usual we are here to have a little chat with you through our blog post. Last week we decided to make somewhat of an online magazine out of our blog. Therefore, we are looking for talented bloggers who would like to contribute here with articles as well as pictures. If you feel like this is the time for you to start blogging, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@kattiva.shop!

Even though the summer is fully under its way, we can see the first new fall collections here and there in stores. We are in the prep mode for fall and that’s why we would like to share new fashion trends, we like and will be definitely IN in fall 2017, with you. We haven’t had a fashion-related post in a while now, so we do believe, you’ll enjoy the reading!


We absolutely adore this style! Because it’s sexy, comfy and trendy, all at the same time. We will be wearing casual sport suits or velvet suits (velvet is the material of this fall). Various materials and cuts, so all the fashionistas are in for a treat!


Have we mentioned that we love tassels? We regularly used to have them on our dance costumes! And we are more than happy that tassels have become a part of high fashion and designers have discovered their magic. Feel free to go for them as well!


This color is truly versatile and is worth giving a shot. It suits whether blondes or dark haired girls and is reaaaally hot! Elegant and unique and you know what? Despite loving black, we are going to make an exception this fall!


Originally this pattern was used for the Scottish kilt, later it started appearing in mainstream fashion. Why not though, it’s amazing! It’s playful and also chic, can be beautifully combined. Checkered shirts, we are looking forward to adding you to our wardrobes!


The fall is full of events and parties where you surely need to shine! So, here’s a little tip from us: wear gold head to toe! This royal color will rule this fall! And when you find a velvet gold piece in a store, or satin with tassels, don’t wait up and grab it!

So now, our ladies, was this an inspiration to you? Do you like these fashion topics? Which style was your favorite? Let us now in the comments!

Have a beautiful rest of the day and we’ll be back in a week!

Katka and Iva