Howdy, girls! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s our ‘fashion talk’ time, going through some current fashion topics. Our Sunday post about detox has reached reached many of you, which we are truly happy about. Those of you that haven’t had time to read it yet, read HERE. There was a Ball at the Opera last Saturday, here in Bratislava, which, as every year, opens the ball season in Slovakia and you can spot many well-known and important people. It’s a show of beauty and style and the gowns are an inspiration for many women and the events they are planning to attend.

Because no matter the ball, you need to properly present yourself, don’t you? So, we’ve decided to tell you something about what’s fashionable in 2018 and where to find these gowns. We’ve asked one of the top Slovak fashion designers, whose style we like, Fero Mikloško, to answer the question: What to wear to a ball in 2018?

‘This year’s ball season is all about simplicity. Ladies have been ditching big, puffy gowns and too many patterns and applications. The style could be defined as a simple form-fitting silhouette with a subtle details to give the whole look a little accent. If you still went for something more extravagant, with a fluffy skirt, be careful when accessorizing. Not so much jewelry, perhaps only one statement piece, not the whole set. Regarding colors, go for soft, subtle colors, delicate patterns and applications. Sequins and glitters are always welcome, but don’t overdo it. And of course, don’t forget about the overall look.’

Fero, we completely agree with you! Girls, who follow us, know that we prefer clean and simple style because we think that beauty lies in simplicity. Before choosing the gown of your dreams, remember this: What suits her, does not have to suit you! Be honest and say what you like about yourselves, what should be highlighted and on the other hand, what should stay hidden. With this, you will find the most suitable cut and well, then, right to it! Let’s write down some tips how to dress, but more importantly, where to dress!


As we’ve mentioned, we’ve always like his style because it’s simple and sophisticated. We especially like his last collections where he used light see-through materials, which are in, all around the world! You can see the intricate work and quality on his designs. Ladies, if you don’t have time or budget to have a tailor-made dress, this could be the right option for you! Because wearing a Fero Miklosko piece, well, that’s something! 🙂


This wedding boutique is known for its renowned Slovak clientele. They surely know why they pick this one. It has wedding dress and gown designers that you won’t find anywhere else in Slovakia! The dresses are gorgeous, however, you won’t find them on their website! If you’re interested, contact them and they will gladly show you the dresses.

  • WEM cocktail

  • Pronovias

WEM boutique also offers this Spanish brand, very popular among the customers. Stunning, right?

  • Berta

The most exclusive line of evening dresses that this boutique has. If you ever decide to purchase a piece by them, plan ahead! They need to be pre-ordered.


Bratislava, Hodžovo námestie 1A

Trenčín, Soblahovská 4B


This dress shop in Bratislava is considered to be one of the best ones in Slovakia and you will definitely find what you’re looking for there! They offer anything from extravagant pieces to dresses for full-figured women! You can find brands as MNMcouture, Tony Bowls, Jovani and others. Apart from that, the place has a very kind owner and you will feel as in a dream right when you walk in!

Address: Vajnorská 98/J, Bratislava


Our TOP picks from the Ball at the Opera 2018:

Well, and since we enjoyed being the fashion police, we’d like to show you our top pick from this year’s Ball at the Opera. However, we are not going to comment them as much as on every Slovak website. Our queens for this year are Božidara Turzonovová, an actress and the hostess of the Ball, Mária Reháková, a businesswoman, Zuzka Kanisová, a stylist, and a supermodel Miška Kocianová.















We’d like to highlight the similarities of these beautiful ladies and their dresses.

  • All of them went for something simple and it definitely paid off.
  • The dresses are in the primary colors. All these three colors, together with nude, are our favorites. Let’s face it, a neon turquoise dress is not a trend for the year 2018.
  • Look at the look of the queens. They are natural and beyond beautiful.
  • Each one of them represents a different age group and they are not trying to look younger.
  • They tastefully hid their imperfections and we can only wonder if they actually have any.

Girls, what’s your opinion on evening dresses and looks? We are reminding you about the interview with Evelyn that will happen next week. There re not many of you yet, hopefully, that will change soon. But you have an even greater chance to win something awesome! So, just to revise a bit, here are the rules: Leave a comment under any January post or a direct Facebook/Instagram message with a question for Evelyn. The most creative questions will be rewarded!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Katka and Iva