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This week we’ve decided to inspire you with some original recipes and when coming up with the article, we asked ourselves a question: what thing couldn’t we live without? The answer was : COTTAGE CHEESE! For breakfast, lunch, dinner, it a guarantee that you’ll not be hungry and avoiding fast food. We really stuff our faces with cottage cheese every day, usually just or with some vegetables. What would happen if we added it to our favorite sweet dishes and created a healthier version? So, we gave it a go and we were pleasantly surprised! And who else we would share it with if not with you, ladies? 🙂 Here you have three healthy and delicious recipes, we all know pretty well, but made healthier with cottage cheese.



Are you also sometimes in the mood for sweet pancakes but they decide to go for something different because of your diet? Well, this ends now thanks to cottage cheese! The pancakes are great for breakfast because they are a source of proteins, which we’ve already written about. If you want to refresh your memory, click HERE!



110 g of cottage cheese

20 g bio oatmeal

2 egg whites

vanilla essence

1 sweetener (stevia) or bio honey



sugar-free jam

peanut butter



Mix all the ingredients together to have the perfect pancake batter consistency. The batter can’t be too thick, otherwise the pancakes would be too thick as well. On the other hand, it can’t be too soft either, because the pancakes would easily tear. But I’m sure you already have some experience with that! If not, have a look at some Youtube tutorial 🙂 After mixing it all together, leave it for half an hour and get a pan ready, ideally with coconut oil. Regarding the pancake filling, it’s all up to you and there’s no limit to your imagination! But always try to have the healthier version. 🙂



This recipe is incredibly easy and so tasty, that it would be a sin not to try it! Prepare it for you weekend visit and you’ll definitely be the star! We really couldn’t get enough of it.



2 cups of cottage cheese

1 cup of strawberries

1 spoon of milk (normal one, coconut or almond)

if you’d like to have it softer, add honey



Mix all the ingredients together until they are soft. Put to some nice bowls that can be put into a freezer. Whoosh them to the freezer for about 3 hours and you have an exclusive, original, and most important, healthy dessert! When serving, you can put mint leaves on top as a decoration.



We’ve agreed that we haven’t eaten anything this yummy in a while! And it’s so simple!


half a mango

half of cottage cheese active protein



Cut the mango to small cubes, add cottage cheese and put the seeds from the cottage cheese lid on top. Add almonds and you have super tasty and super healthy breakfast! Enjoy your meal!

These recipes should be an inspiration, they’re not difficult and even the ones not fond of cooking will succeed. We can’t wait for the comments after you’ve tried them!

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