What’s up, girls! The topic for this week is very close to our taste buds and we cannot imagine our lives without it. It’s coffee! Both of us are passionate coffee-lovers and we’re quite picky regarding the quality of coffee. We often talk about it and that’s the reason why we wanted to share one of our recent discoveries that has become a part of our lives and has proven very successful. What if coffee actually was a part our healthy diet or even helped us lose weight? What if it raised our energy level and brain activity for a few hours? Wouldn’t that be awesome? If these questions caught your attention, read on!

The other day, one of our grandmas mentioned, during a conversation, that she couldn’t understand how grandpa, her husband, had better results from the doctor than she did. Even though she eats healthy, has a slice of bread with butter and jam for breakfast and he has bacon. So, it needed to be explained to her that good bacon can actually be good for you because it has good fats. Grandpa, without even realizing it, has been on a ketogenic diet which is very beneficial for the body.

Ketogenic diet is low-carb with a high intake of fats and with many positive health effects. Studies confirm that keto diet helps you lose those few extra kilos and improves your health. The most noticeable benefits of the ketogenic diet are lower risk of diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

And why we moved from coffee-drinking to keto diet? Because our coffee discovery is linked to it! Everything began with a man, David Asprey, American businessman and biologist, visiting Tibet. One Tibetan woman offered him a cup of tea with homemade butter. After drinking it, his body immediately got warm and he felt a wave of energy. As a proper businessman, he started to focus on creating a new drink and after seven years he came to the conclusion that coconut oil, natural butter and quality coffee can bring people a drink, which would make many lives easier.

When combining these things, you instantly feel the benefits as:

  • Higher brain activity
  • A wave of energy
  • The feeling of being full for a couple of hours
  • Weight-loss

It’s not surprising that the beverage became popular among professional sportsmen, top managers or even busy parents, who need a bit more energy. We do not want to tell you that by drinking coffee together with fats you will lose tons, it’s really not the case. But for sure, each one of us treats herself with a carb breakfast and is shaking few hours later because the batteries are out of juice, right? If you don’t have time to eat five times a day and don’t want to risk being hungry at 10:30, try bulletproof coffee!

Of course, David Asprey managed to create a business out of his idea, but we are also able to make our own version on the same level, don’t you think?

You’ll need these three ingredients:

  • 1-2 cups of coffee of higher quality (Instant coffee is really not it, alright! We can talk about quality coffee in the future), if we can get BULLETPROOF coffee, even better (this coffee is form farms in Guatemala and Columbia, where the process minimizes the amount of harmful substances)
  • 1-2 spoons MCT oil (Brain Octane Oil found in coconut oil)
  • 1-2 spoons organic GHEE butter (butter from grass-fed animals, healthy Omega-3 fatty acids)

Mix everything together in a blender and have it instead of breakfast. Give it a shot to see the results for yourselves!

Ladies, we’d like to ask you for advice. Leave us a comment with some ideas for blog posts and what you’d like to read about in the future. The best ideas will not go unrewarded! You’ll find out who and what’s it going to be in the next week’s article!

Thank you for being here with us and have an amazing rest of the weekend!

Katka and Iva