Hi girls! Today’s article has been prepared for you by Ivka. Perhaps you have noticed, but last month her husband was sent unexpectedly to play for Ottawa in Canada. Life with a professional hockey player also involves such great changes in life.. In NHL (the US ice hockey league where Majo is playing) they do not care much, and the players are pretty much just ‘goods’. And so it happened that once he went to the game and did not come back from it. Simply without any goodbye to  sunny Cali life, and especially his wife, they sent him to Canada …And what does that exactly mean for me? Well, simply starting a new life, in a completely new place surrounded with people you’ve never met and leave your previous sunny Cali life behind. This is also the unpredictable part of our life. You never know when and where you’re gonna end up. Since this wasn’t his first trade, I’m already used to it and I know that we can’t really settle down because the goodbyes could be really difficult. His recent match schedule means that I’m not going to see him for a month. So, I quickly got my friends together and went to explore Oahu in exotic Hawaii.

Oahu is breathtaking and also the most known volcanic island in the eastern part of Hawaiian Islands. This is where you can find the capital, Honolulu, as well. The area is 1545 km2 which makes it the third largest Hawaiian Island.

After arriving, we checked into our hotel, The Royal Hawaiian, located on the Waikiki beach. The pink hotel was built in 1927 and it still has that atmosphere. A completely quiet oasis in the touristy capital. We spent the first days on the beach and just wandered around. It’s quite a distance to fly here from Slovakia and my friend were really jet lagged.

When we got energy to the usual level, we planned our days so we’d see all the interesting sights but and also prepare new items for our e-shop, which will be up online next week. 🙂 We rented car for one day to see the most of the island and we Ubered or went by bus to others as Manoa Falls, Diamond Head, or Pearl Harbor.


1.Pearl Harbor

This place was attacked by Japan in 1941 which could be considered the impulse for the USA to enter WW II. Nowadays, there are military museums, torpedo exhibition, USS Missouri battleship, and USS Bowfin submarine. It’s crowded with tourists, so avoid going here at the weekends. Walking through one of the largest battleships was truly exciting. There used to be around 2 700 people and there was even a bakery, dentistry, or a post office. What an experience!

2.Byodo-In Temple

A temple that was founded on June 7, 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants in Hawaii, and is a smaller replica of the more than 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple, the world’s UN heritage site in the Japanese city, Uji. The Temple welcomes people of all religions to worship, meditate. It is a state monument of the State of Hawaii. When you visit the Byodo-In Temple, you will find one of the best preserved secrets of Hawaii. The area of the temple is often used for wedding ceremonies for Hawaiians or visitors from Japan. Really experience! From this place you go with total peace in your soul. 🙂


3.Romy’s Shrimp

You simply must visit this place! I have never had a better buttery shrimp. Count with about waiting hours for an hour, but don’t let is discourage you. You’re going to love it, I promise. :-)) Romy’s is known among the locals  and believe me that when I saw the shed where they were doing it, I thought twice about eating there. Well, the hygienic standards in our country are a bit different compared to this! 🙂 But they did not disappoint! Top! Top! And without any stomach problems. 🙂

4. Turtle beach

If you want to see turtles, it’s worth to stop by at this spot. This beauty is female, her name is Mana, which in Hawaiian means she has spiritual strength. She’s 104 pounds and 54 years 🙂

5. Dole’s plantation

You will surely recognize this pineapple  brand as they import it into our country as well. Dole Plantation is one of the most popular attractions in Oahu and welcomes more than one million visitors a year. During a walk through eight gardens, you will see plants that are the source of tropical coffee specialties, pineapple plantations, and colorful cocoa beans that are used to make Waialua unique chocolate. We tried their pineapple ice cream and it was great, but the portion was a little too big. 🙂


6. Manoa Falls Trail

The waterfall is located in the Koolau Mountains in a tropical rainforest and a gorgeous 35-minute stroll is leading up to it. Here, I felt I really was in Hawaii, everything around us was green. We were lucky it did not rain, because the rain is on the daily program. Swimming is forbidden under the waterfall because you may be infected with leptospirosis. This disease causes flu-like symptoms that may last 1-2 weeks with high fever. The cab driver told us, too, that we should not go there because it is dangerous. Upon arrival to the waterfall, a lot of people were swimming there, I was wondering if anything even happened to them. This hike is not at all challenging and therefore do not forget about good footwear.


7.Diamond Head

It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Oahu and offers amazing 360 degree views when you get to the summit. It took us about 40 minutes. The Diamond Head itself was originally built by the US Army in 1908 and used for several decades as part of the Fort Rugur military base. Today, Diamond Head it is a national park.

These are the top places to visit. We saw a lot more, but not everything was so interesting to be worth mentioning. Waikiki Beach is a very touristy and filled with many tourists from Asia. If you are looking for a healthy restaurant nearby, stop at Island Vintage Coffee. We were there twice a day. 🙂 From avocado toast, acai bowl to soup, everything was yummy.

For those who are interested in learning Hawaiian dance and a little body movement or watching dance performances of children from different schools, definitely stop at the Royal Hawaiian Center, located on Waikiki. We have also learned these graceful moves, and it has been a pleasant addition to our afternoon. 🙂

Finally, a photo of the original Hawaiians I interrupted when preparing a lunch in a tropical farm. ALOHA!

Baby, I believe the team of you who are going to Hawaii have saved some time to find suitable and exciting trips! Otherwise, I have to say that when we started publishing photos from Hawaii in our instagration, there was a lot of news about going there. We are advised that you are dreaming and that you are traveling, investment in experience is clearly a good investment! 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday and “see” you again on Wednesday!

Katka and Iva