Hey there! Today’s post is going to be a bit unusual but very special and moving for us. Since Kattiva is celebrating its 3rd birthday this Tuesday, April 17, we decided that we would show you some of the very beginnings and then the progress all the way until now. We’ve received a couple of messages saying it’d be a good idea if we published a motivational book and now it’s the perfect time to reveal some details. It’s definitely not enough for a book but we hope that the post will be at least a little interesting and motivating.

We’ve been friends since forever. Not bffs, but we have always been fond of each other and destiny somehow has made our paths cross plenty of times throughout our lives (dance competitions, studying at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Let’s Dance, theatre show Just Dance…) Once when we were randomly chatting on WhatsApp, we started thinking that it would be too crazy to start something together. None of us had any experience with doing business, but it didn’t seem to be an issue back then. What was left was to create a name the actual focus of our business (and a gazillion of other things we had no idea about) 🙂 The name Kattiva was literally born on the toilet. Putting our names together with a little word plat from Italian, ‘cattiva’ means bad, we loved that. 🙂 One of our friend recommended us to add Trends to the name and thought it fit well. And that’s how we got to Kattiva Trends.

What about the actual core of the business? Metallic tattoos that were not sold here yet at that time, mostly in the US only. Soooo we went into it with great excitement and here are some milestones in our short, but intense history:

  • April 17, 2015 – we launched our e-shop on this beautiful spring day. Never before had we some experience with an e-shop, despite that we work super hard with no help at the beginning. One guy help us with the technical part – oh, what he must’ve though of us then, we didn’t even know the basics – but he did great. When we went online, we got orders right away because many of you had already been waiting for that! We drank to that because that half year hard work paid off and we had the first version of our e-shop Kattiva Trends with 6 different products, tattoos. We had them everywhere! We had them at home since we didn’t have our own space. When we think about how we struggled with 6 products, we must laugh. Now, the number is something around 300!

  • Pohoda 2015 – so we thought  it would be nice to show you our tattoos at the Pohoda festival as well. We see this as a further shift in our business as we have found that you are interested in other products and not only in tattoos. And so we decided to expand our portfolio to accessories and bijou. That summer we went to many festivals, but Pohoda wins. Over the years, going to Pohoda has become a tradition. We’re there every year and meet up with our great customers. It’s our pop-up shop, let’s say.

  • Fall 2015 – we are starting to spend more and more time on our company – it is worth mentioning that at the time of foundation we weren’t there for it 100%, we both had our own different activities. But you are our motivation and drive. We love to make you happy and therefore we’re constantly focusing on how to improve our little projects and what news, bits and pieces, to bring to you. We add luxury jewelry, we offer more kinds of tattoos and bijou.
  • Fall2016 – we add the backpacks you love! They get sold out, to our surprise, literally in a couple of weeks, and we are happy on one hand, on the other, sad, because many of you missed your chance because we only produced a limited collection.

  • December 2016 – we start writing our first posts on the blog – only within the e-shop. The first topics are devoted to gift ideas and current fashion trends. Both the readings and the responses are amazing, we did not expect such reactions! So we start thinking about the blog a bit differently, perhaps having a separate web. And we’re starting to work on a new project.
  • January 2017 – we are shortening the brand name to KATTIVA – it’s better for us and it’s easy to remember and pronounce. You have inspired us to make this change because the shortened name has been used by most of you, our customers, for a long time. So we change the logo, the domain name to kattiva.shop (by the way, we were the first fashion domain with the end of the .shop in Slovakia – thanks to our clever admin Jarko, hello Jaro!), And indeed many other things. But we’re super satisfied with this small rebranding.
  • January 2017 – In the same month we launch our completely new lifestyle blog Kattiva Trends. tThe name is identical to the old e-shop name, but you get used very quickly, probably because there’s a logical connection :-). We start writing for you once a week. We do it with joy because we see that you support us and that you like this idea quite a lot.
  • May 2017 – we employ our first full time help, Saška. This young, beautiful and dear gal becomes an inseparable member of our team. With love, she prepares the packages for you and deals with anything you have regarding your orders. Saška’s still with us but we will have to say goodbye to her next week because she is going to try her luck abroad. We keep our fingers crossed! (second from the right in the picture).

  • June 2017- we start selling our own collections of t-shirts, which we are very excited about! But we still don’t know whether you’ll even like them. But we put everything in them! As it turned out later, it was a great decision, you like the t-shirts, we need to make more of certain designs!

  • June 2017 – we are shooting our first campaign with professional models! The video was taken over by the mega-skilled director Mišo Nemtuda and the pictures by one of our favorite photographers Peťka Bošanská.


  • October 2017 – new products in our offer are t-shirts with feathers that are inspired by dance dresses. Prosecco shower dresses are sold out in a few months and are the most successful product of our e-shop! We are stoked that you’re not afraid of something extravagant and love Prosecco as we do! And the good news? In a few weeks we will have new, summer versions of these dresses!


  • November 2017 – we are moving into our first rented space! So far we have worked in the Katka’s dance school. For both of us Kattiva is a full time job by now, this time we have a great deal of responsibility.
  • November 2017 – we are launching the Instagram account @kattiva_trends – before it had been Katka’s private profile, so the transition to the blog was quite difficult, but those whowanted to follow us, found us. If you have not found us yet, do it! 🙂

And so here we are and on Tuesday we celebrate our third birthday! We have other brave plans with Kattivka, which we will of course share with you. Girls, we’re thrilled you’re with us, because without you, it would never work. So enjoy these days, win some awesome prizes on our Facebook and Instagram, and this is your discount coupon that you can use to buy on Tuesday on our e-shop.

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We also wanted to write this article to give you courage, and if you want to change something in your life and do what you enjoy, go for it! Work on it in your free time, study and be bold, because the courageous women rule the world!

Have a beautiful Sunday

Katka and Iva