Hey girls! We’ve been wondering about this Sunday’s post and decided that it might be nice to get to know us better and tell you a bit more from our current lives. Many people think that we are still professionally dancing when actually we don’t. it’s more a chit-chat over coffee kind of interview, like two girls gossiping. Katka is interviewing Ivka this week and we hope you enjoy it!


What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

 Actually, my first thoughts go to you! Since we have a long-distance work relationship and live in very different time zones, our communication has to be adapted a little. During the whole day, we keep texting each other about what happened or what we managed to do. When I wake up, I usually have like 10 unread messages from you! And the same goes to you!


I remember how you once texted me whether I was alright because there wasn’t a single message from me! But back to the interview. How has your life changed over the past 5 years?

It’s very difficult to cherry-pick, basically my whole life has turned around! I’ve lived in three new places, started dating a hockey player, which is not as easy as it may seem. I got my US work visa and last but not least, I started a business. Our project looked so innocent at the beginning, didn’t it? It’s amusing how things turn out from time to time and I have to say that our KATTIVA has incredibly influenced and changed my life.


I’m glad that you feel this way, it’s almost the same for me. Last year, apart from other things, we both turned 30. The parties, right? Do you feel any personal changes?

Of course, everyone has that natural type of progress in his life and that’s what’s been happening in mine too. It got to the point of radical life steps and decisions, one’s not so hot-headed and crazy like 10 years ago. But in all honesty, I still feel like a 19-year-old.


And you do look 19! I know the secrets behind that, but tell our readers, what do you do to look this amazing?

Media has written so much about my figure, but a minority of people know that because of all the constant traveling and overworking I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). For a long time, I had no idea what was wrong. Doctors were suggesting antibiotics or even an operation. But that was not the path I wanted to go because they couldn’t guarantee it would help. After some consultations with doctors, one particular doctor told me that my immune system needed MY help because it didn’t know what to do anymore. I was forced to change my diet completely and be careful about everything I ate. It changed my whole idea of food and nutrition, I started studying the field deeper and when I listened to the doctor’s advice I instantly lost some weight. I did not care about weight loss, but my health. At that time, I couldn’t even a carrot because it contains sugar, can you imagine? (Well, not the carrot from California because it’s much sweeter than the one from Slovakia). And believe me they put sugar into everything nowadays, it’s the most spread drug! Since then my health has improved and sure, there were more restrictions than just sugar. I ate six times a day, I was full of energy. My diet is not as strict these days but I still try to stay away from refined sugar,

Oh yeah, I remember this period very well! Give our girls a good and fast piece of advice how to eat healthy.

Eat fats, not sugar! And don’t for yourselves to losing weight, put your health and vitamin intake first. You can’t buy health, and unfortunately nor the figure. But if you eat healthy, it goes hand in hand with losing weight to your optimum weight.


So tell us, how often do you cook?

You wouldn’t believe it, I cook almost every day. I enjoy the whole process of cooking and Majo, as a proper man, loves eating it afterwards. But there are some periods that I simply don’t have time, as for example, right now we are finishing new spring collections, so that’s very close to insane, you’d know! Otherwise we really adore our dinners together.


Do you have a daily ritual that you can’t go a day without?

Coffee is my thing! I’m such a coffee-lover! Of course, with some boundaries. I love having a cup of coffee at work with you when I’m in Slovakia. In no time, I’ll be back home for this year’s summer, so I hope you buy at least two boxes of coffee! And then a bit more boring ritual, removing my make-up. Clean my face, gentle peeling and that’s it. I can’t imagine sleeping with make-up on! For me it’s as if I went to bed with a clothespin on my nose!


Of course, I’ll prepare everything, I can’t wait to see you either, two is better than one and it’s just easier when you’re around. Listen, there’s been quite a few questions but no word of dancing… Do you still dance?

There hasn’t been anything about dancing because there hasn’t been a question about it. I love dancing but I haven’t been doing it professionally for quite some time. Now it’s more for my own joy. I have cardio dance lessons here in LA and at home, in summer, I improve in other dancing styles and I go to a casting here and there. Hip-hop and scenic dance are the hottest in the states right about now, there’s a lot of competition and I don’t want to rush after some success in different styles without a reason. I see my future differently now.


Really and how? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Besides the fact that you’ll be 40?

That sounds so crazy! Ugh, it’s very hard to say, but the ideal scenario for me is to be a mom to a couple kids, a model wife and work in a successful international company named KATTIVA. You know what we’ve dreamt of! I might even start wearing heels at that point!


Yeees, we’ve dreamt of that, that’s so true! Isn’t it funny how our paths are getting tangled even more?! Are you happy that we have a company together?

I’m so happy about that because we complete each other in everything. I would have never said that. I know I can trust you for 100 % you’re hardworking, I love coming up with new ideas for our customers with you. I’m detail-oriented, you are my drive and that’s amazing beyond words.


Some might wonder why they can see you on every Instagram Kattiva photo?

Well, this is kind of funny because when we had only a few products up online I started taking pictures of them on me. And it got stuck with me and later started managing the whole picture section. Some people thing that it’s all done by some third-party professional company but the truth is somewhere else. Not so long ago it was just us two! Santa brought me product photosetup for Christmas and I had to study everything around it. It was challenging, I definitely wouldn’t want to go back in time. When it comes to street style photos, my other half is the photographer, which results in a lot of fun. But when I get to Slovakia we are planning to find new faces of the brand and I’m quite excited about that.


Yep, your photoshoots are legendary. I couldn’t do that… Listen, don’t you want to tell a bit about your imperfections? Is there anything you’d change about yourself? You know, so we are less jealous.

Hah, it’s just a bubble around me, to be honest I’m as crazy as all of you! I have typical problems, I regularly pop my pimples which leads to scars, then I’m often concerned about my hair because they are dry, I would just really love to have more of this ‘me-time’ and at least started getting a facial! And my secret wish is to have a bigger bum.


Ivanka, darling, thank you for the interview and we hope that all your dreams come true!