Hello, ladies! After two blogposts about Ivka’s trips across the states we’ve decided to make one about beauty again. Last week Katka managed to get injured when cutting an avo, fortunately it’s getting better 🙂 Ivka came back from the USA, so you can look forward to some new stuff quite soon. We are happy that we are finally able to work together in the same time zone and as people say ‘it’s better in two’. So, have fun reading!

Healthy nails, hair and skin are definitely the main pillars of beauty. All of them deserve special attention. Nails don’t need to be painted, the important things are strength, shine and being dirt-free. Hands are the mirror to one’s soul and they can reveal quite a lot about you. That’s why it’s important to keep them neat all the time.

Here’s some basic information, which you should know if you want to increase the quality of your nails. There are many ways how to do that, but we will mention our home remedies, which work perfectly for us.

1. Vitamin B

It’s necessary to add food with Vitamin B if you want healthy nails. You can find it in avocado, almonds, fish or nuts for example. Your nails will be strong and shiny afterwards.

2.Olive Oil

Cuticles can’t be forgotten when caring about your nails. Try the miracles of olive oil, which not only hydrates the nail itself but also the skin around. You can have a bath in warm olive oil or you can rub it directly into your nails and leave it on for 15 minutes. Ideally do this every night before going to bed and you’ll see the difference in no time.

3.Green Tea

Besides the fact that drinking tea is beneficial for our whole body, it’s great for our nails as well. It’s full of antioxidants, which make the nails stronger. The bonus is that it even prevents yellow nails. Have a nail bath in lukewarm green tea and your nails will thank you by being strong and white. 🙂

4.Flax Oil

Nails grow around 3-4 mm in one month. If you prefer having longer nails, try rubbing the oil in every night which is amazing for their growth. You can see the results on our nails.

Let’s reveal the spring/summer 2017 color trends for nails. If you want to be in, definitely go for neon yellow-green, raspberry, cream, pink and lavender. Don’t forget to match these colors with your outfit. ‘Less is more!’ applies in the case of nails too.


Girls, we hope that we’ve inspired you to take good care of your nails and we’ll appreciate every single comment. 

Have a nice rest of the  weekend!

Katka and Iva