Hi, girls! Before we’ve realized it, we have here another Sunday and a blog post along with it. More than enough happened again last week and we were really surprised because one of you, our Kattiva babes, fought for us and got us our Instagram profile back. We will not reveal her name, but we would like to say how thankful we are for this huge help! Once again, you showed us that women need to fight together.

First of all, we’d like to announce the winners of the RAJO giveaway, who will receive 3 gift bags. They are Marianna Fronková, Lívia Paľová (hopefully this will be motivating for you) a Dominika Grulichová. The deepest congratulations go to all of you and we will message you for the contact information.

And now, to today’s fashion topic. Many of you know that we go to POHODA, the largest music festival in Slovakia, every year. It’s not going to be any different this year. We’ve already put a team of girls together – our friends, with them we sell our products at a stunning metallic stand. It’s more of a POP-UP store, where all the products from our e-shop can be seen in person, you can try them on and of course, purchase. However, some want to arrive at the festival already prepared for 100% and we have some inspiration for them today with our trendy outfits.

A who else to call for the photoshoot than the winner of FACE OF KATTIVA, Katka Lajcinová? So, we spent one pleasant morning with her and we have to say that she’s one very nice and intelligent lady. And regarding beauty, see for yourselves! We shot a few festival outfits and here are some ideas about festival must-haves.


This is THE thing of summer 2017. The slogans on t-shirts get even more meaning at a festival! You should be identified with the print, because it’s very likely that someone is going to stop by and read it. Get some funny story ready, why you have it on and you have a new contact! You need to be careful when picking the quality material, since you are going to sweat when it’s hot. Synthetic materials aside, go for quality! You can even choose some from our e-shop HERE.


It’s amazing to own a big elegant leather bag to wear to the office, but forget about it at a festival. Gotta think practical here. You are going to be dancing a lot, holding a drink or bite to eat in one hand. We can swear by having a cross body bag or a backpack at a festival, it’s the ideal option. Remember to have a unique and lively design. There’s no need to keep it simple! We lowered the prices of KATTIVA bags for good a couple of days ago, because we want you to spoil yourselves and proudly wear them in summer! All bags HERE!


Who said that swimsuits are only for swimming? When you put on some original piece, you will answer all the ‘what-to-wear’ questions. Pair it with denim shorts and all of a sudden you have a hot festival outfit! At the moment, bare shoulders, high waist, interesting cuts and bright joyful prints are in! Get inspired HERE!



We try to have more formal clothes to work, but festival is a place where even the bank’s director can have some fun! In this case, courage is the key. You can be in no way boring! Try to make your outfit stand out in a crowd with massive necklaces and bracelets. With the jewelry from our e-shop you can be sure that you’ll be unique and you will not see them on every corner. Look at them HERE!



Is there a better place for them than a festival? You can improvise, risk it and the result might be COOL! Read about the tattoos and how to apply them HERE. You can make your secret wish come true or simply find out whether a tattoo fits you. And you know what? Definitely yes, because it’s super hip! Have a look at all our tattoo designs HERE!


If you wear a chain bra just the right way, you will definitely shine! It’s THE fashion accessory, not for anyone! You can wear it over or underneath your clothes and it will look stunning no matter what! Have a look HERE at the bras we have added, ’cause we love them!

Girls, we do hope that you were inspired by this post and you are going to be prepared when you head to festivals. Is there anyone better to be the inspiration than beautiful Slovak women? We’ve launched a great promotion because of POHODA 2017 and until July 5, you can shop with a 10 discount on your whole purchase! Just use the code POHODA2017 at the checkout!

Next week, we are going to have a little limited working mode and will process last orders on Thursday. We send them every day at around 3 PM, so if you order something until 3 PM one day, you will have it the day after.

We are looking forward to seeing you at POHODA in Trenčín, we will send you the location of our stand in advance on our Facebook and Instagram. Can’t wait to meet you!

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!

Katka and Iva