Not all of us are festival types, but believe me, even me together with Katka weren’t some time ago. But when a person has the right people around him, festivals can be a lot of fun, dance and music. And blowing off some steam at a festival from time to time has never hurt anyone 🙂

Today, we’ve decided to give you an insight to one of the most amazing festivals in the world, Coachella. Every year it’s held in Indio, California at Empire Polo Club, which is usually used for polo matches. The festival spot is around 205 km far from LA and for a few days it changes to the heart of music, fun and fashion. Bloggers, singers, models, actors from all around the world gather here. Basically, you get the chance to meet all the important people from various celebrity or business background or fashion industry.

Iva, who has experienced this wonderful madness for the second time, has an inside report for you about the whole weekend, the getting-ready part, outfits, all you can see at Coachella and why the festival is so great. Girls, you are getting actual firsthand information, so we hope you enjoy it!

When I’m in LA, I don’t spend a lot of time out partying and having fun. I dedicate most of my time to our business, running from one casting to another and teaching dance. However, there are things that are on your bucket list and when you get to cross them out from the list, you end up wanting to do them over and over again. Last year I was a Coachella newbie and therefore didn’t pay much attention to my outfits. Fashion plays a great role at Coachella and this year I didn’t want to risk anything. It’s not a festival where you just put on a pair of shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and off you go. It’s quite a fashion event where you try to draw a bit of attention to you because of the outfit and to be unique and cool. Of course, it’s not a five-minute job and a thorough preparation is needed. That’s why I was looking for new festival trends a couple months in advance, then I was trying to find shops where I could actually buy the things I wanted for a reasonable price. All trendy and fashionable clothes, not only for a festival, will be added to the e-shop, because as it’s a tradition now for us, when we find something new, we want to have it up online for you in no time, so you can have it as well. 🙂

With Coachella slowly approaching, I could barely hold my excitement. The idea of seeing your idols in real life, at an event this huge, is indescribable! The artists, I was looking forward to the most, were Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, DJ Martin Garrix, Steve Angelo, Hans Zimmer. But anyone can find something they like, since the line-up is super diverse.

So, we set out to the journey, together with six friends and a suitcase overflowing with clothes; I became everyone’s stylist for the whole weekend, I was quite busy. 🙂  We stayed at a parents’ house of one friend, which was actually right across the street from the event, a great advantage, right? This year we were lucky enough to get VIP tickets, which was definitely a cherry on top. The great things about VIP tickets are clean toilets, more space around you, so you’re not fighting for air to breathe and well, being surrounded by celebrities is surely a bonus too. Can you imagine what it’s like to follow these people on social media and then you see them walking past you? You would like to say hi, you know everything about them, so what’s the harm, right? 😀 Secretly watching every step they make, what they are like in reality – that’s what I did almost all weekend! Call me a stalker. 😀

I would especially like to praise the food selection! Anything you can think of a nobody is left starving. Fast food, vegetarian, vegan, you name it… it was hard to choose even. 🙂 Between food and moving from one stage to another, we sat on the ground and just relaxed and soaked in the atmosphere. This would describe the agenda for the day. I have to say that the festival city is insanely vast and we walked 10 km just there on the first day! I would like to stress that not in super comfy shoes, but super stylish ones! In the evening, we were exhausted to even go get something to drink and rather stayed sitting on the ground without anything to drink! 😀

What I like about Coachella is that it’s not only about music, but also about fashion and art. Every year the artists create a magical wonderland with their beautiful installations and art pieces, which blow you off your feet!

  • Chiaozza Garden ART (31 tall colorful plants in pastel colors, kind of like a playground)

  • Lam Beside the Golden Door, Gustavo Prado (a metal tower with reflective and mirror objects)

  • Is this what brings things into focus? (huge angular statues of mysterious creatures)

Since 2012 Coachella happens over two weekends, together with Friday (this year’s dates were April 14-16 and 21-23) because of the capacity and how many people want to come. The artists are the same, so all visitors have the same opportunity to see their idols. There are many events accompanying the festival, for example parties organized by well-known restaurants, clubs or fashion brands. And the amount of people having fun? That’s a must-see!

And the afterparty? The guestlist is filled with stars. Perhaps the most popular one is Saturday’s Neon Carnival, where even if having a wristband doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in. If your timing is not perfect, meaning you are stuck in traffic, and the party is full when you arrive, it’s no-entry for you. It’s obvious why it’s so popular. Who wouldn’t want to meet the people from the magazine covers or concerts on the dancefloor? And as a small bonus, the drinks and food are for free. 🙂

The closing party is annually organized by someone famous; last year it was Leo DiCaprio (well, probably his team) and this year it was the turn for Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and as the guests, of course, the Kardashian clan and other celebrities.

Oh gosh, wasn’t that a crazy experience! After a weekend like this I always need some time to pull myself together and to get back to my working schedule and duties. But I’m full of energy and memories, which I can share with you, girls!

So, what do you say, has this inspired you? Next year, all of us girls from Slovakia could go together, what do you think? We’d like to remind you of the Blogger of the Year contest which runs just for few more days and if you want to vote for us, do so HERE!

Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday!

Iva & Katka