What’s up! It’s the first Wednesday of February and it’s been snowing since the morning! Shouldn’t winter be almost over by now? Well, what can we do about that, weather definitely is unpredictable. Wonderful that we can make this day better by reading this blog, right? Today, we’ve decided to show you the latest spring trends we like and won’t be missed in our wardrobes! If you find some inspiring, even better!


We probably don’t even need to introduce this trend, because those of you, who have visited our e-shop at some point surely noticed that pieces with feathers are a majority of what we offer. We love feathers not only because it’s in. It’s always been used in dancing costumes to highlight dance moves. And we loved it because of its softness as well!



You can see for yourselves, in the pictures below, that we are not so crazy as we might look! Many of you have messaged us that you are afraid of wearing fanny packs because people around you are just not ready for that yet. You know what? Forget the others, because every fashion addict knows that this is a total must-have of 2017 and 2018! We have many handbags at home but as you could see on our social media, we are wearing bumbags all the time! And in no time, we will show you our new collection of fanny packs, which are really stunning!


The fact that black is the queen of colors is true but spring and summer should not be saddened by it. Think of sunshine and warm outside and you in something colorful! Rainbow, full of colors, go for something strikingly bright!


Again, something close to our hearts! Fringe dresses are the bomb! Not only for dance performances, but also for a summer party. Whether you will or will not be dancing, you should certainly own a piece! We are excited that this trend got its spots on the runways too, because we are also going to come up with something with a fringe for our e-shop. 🙂


White tank top is a must-have, nothing new there. But this year, it has become even more important since there were many looks with a white tank top at the fashion weeks. Style forever!


Fashion houses have, once again, gone for a trend from the past. Polka dot pieces with a subtle upgrade are finding their way into mainstreamed fashion stores this spring and we are happy about that because it’s delicate and feminine, but still elegant.


Having oranges or bananas on your ears or neck? Not a problem in 2018! This extravagant trend completely got us and we can’t wait for those warm spring days when we accessorize with some tropical fruit. 🙂


A bit of eccentricity is never wrong, why should we wear dull clothes? This style also depends on how much weight your ears can take, so just try a pair on first.


This accessory is going to look great on bare legs, don’t even think about wearing it over nylon tights! 😀 (Of course, that’s just a piece of advice how to avoid a faux-pas.) We will definitely try this trend ourselves and with the right combination of shoes and an anklet, it can be just the perfect touch to your look!


This is totally hot in the USA! Necklaces with a cross or half-moon can be seen on every fashionista and we gotta admit, it looks great! A little secret, beautiful pieces like these will be up on our e-shop, they are already in the making!

Hopefully, we took your mind off a bit with this post! Wed like to reveal the second person we will be interviewing soon. It Martina Hornakova aka MOMA, the Youtuber! And because her audience is mostly our nieces or daughters, she will definitely enjoy some meaningful and clever questions from our Kattiva girls! 🙂 So, if you’d like to know something about her life or work, leave a comment under any February post or send us a message. The best questions will be rewarded!

You can look forward to a promised post about soups on Sunday. We have to say, we can’t wait!

Have a beautiful rest of this Wednesday!

Katka and Iva