Hey, girls! Here we are again in the middle of the week. The original idea was to write a post about the benefits of asparagus, but many things have happened in the past few days, so we decided to keep you posted about that. 🙂

We’ve finally met today after a long time and had almost a 4-hour meeting and believe me, you have something to look forward to for sure! Yesterday, we put up new tees online; they took us months to make and we have to say that besides the fact that the quality is amazing (100% cotton), the cut is oversized, which makes them so comfy to wear. We hope you like them and will be happy with your purchase. 🙂


We haven’t thanked you in a while for all the support we get from your side. We receive e-mails every single day simply because you want to let us know that you’re in it with us. And we couldn’t appreciate it more! We would have never guessed that the KATTIVA girl community would be this big. You’re amazing and incredibly motivating!

That’s the reason behind our decision to make our team of powerful women bigger. Since the very beginning we’ve dreamt that our team would be full of smart, skilled and positive girls and together we would rule the world! The first one to join was always smiling Alex, who took over the packaging and communication with our lovely customers. She does her job with love and your reactions about the packaging only prove it. The photographer position is still available, despite receiving many e-mails, we still haven’t chosen the best one, it’s a difficult task because all you are quite unique. Give us a few more weeks and we promise, you’ll find out then.

We’d especially like to point out our new contest. FACE OF KATTIVA and as you may see from the name, we are looking for some new faces of our brand. We follow many of you on Instagram and you are super fashionable! We’ve been talking for ages about how nice it would be to have girls, who are able to style our products nicely and take wonderful pictures, in our team, to fill our online media accounts with new, interesting faces and pictures. You don’t need to be as tall and thin as models or have perfect hair full of volume. All of you have the same opportunity. The word that should describe all of you should be STYLE!

Winners (yes, may be more than one!) get:

  • Long-term collaboration with our brand
  • Media appearance
  • Social networks appearance
  • KATTIVA products
  • Professional photos


The only thing you should do right now is to take a nice picture of yourself, or used one from the past taken by you and post it on Instagram with #kattivaface. Those of you without Instagram, send us your pictures here face@kattiva.shop. The deadline is May 31, 2017.

The finalists will be announced at the end of May and will be given a task to take pictures wearing our things. And the winner(s) will be revealed mid-June.

Can’t wait to see your photos! Have a beautiful Wednesday and we’ll be back on Sunday. 🙂


Katka & Iva