Hello, ladies! And men of course (if there are any in the readers :-))At the end of 2017, we promised you different topics up here on our blog in 2018, and one of them is a regular interview ‘column’ with interesting people from various backgrounds. Evelyn, an actress and comedian, is the very first one to be interviewed. She agreed, which made us super happy!

In our opinion, Evelyn, if she lived in the USA, she would already have built a few villas and drives a fancy car. She has that X factor and charisma that not many people have. She has something inside her, she’s born for showbiz and for entertaining us. And we’re happy about that because we like having fun, right? Besides having radiating something like humanity and being down-to-earth, each one of us would love to go for a cup of coffee and it even wouldn’t be awkward :-). Her career started off with a viral video about martens (Kuna currency in Croatia, it’s kind of a word play only in Slovak though :-)) People were crazy about the video and we had a star on the rise. She has been a part of many television projects, as for example sitcom ‘Evelyn’s World’, ‘Kredenc’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She has more than 300K followers on her social media channels. And what about her? She’s keeping it low-profile. Read this exclusive interview for Kattiva Trends!

Evelyn is a brand of success and fun, but what is Evka Kramerova like in personal life?

I think I’m like any other woman, one day like this and another one like that. 🙂 I’m trying to be chirpy and see the bright side of everything, but I also feel blue.

When and how did humor become a means of living for you?

Well, it depends. When I was doing stand-up comedy seven years ago, we were getting paid, but it wasn’t much, like a half of pocket money. That was probably the first time someone paid me for what I love doing. And commercially, it all started three and a half years ago, with the Kuna videos and first offers.

If you weren’t an actress, where do you see your potential?

I studiet andragogy and also marketing, I think I could make something of either one. I don’t know, haven’t really given it much thought. I would do whatever came my way, I feel like that’s the right way.

There are very few female comedians in Slovakia. Why is that?

I think we’re kind of behind in seeing women as people who say out loud whatever they want. It’s a trait that’s usually connected with men here. But it’s changing now, women’s voice is stronger. In the world or here, it’s not how it ‘should be’. We have more freedom in the way that we talk about things which our moms never talked about. I think it’s just a matter of time, when women in Slovakia start to respect each other, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are funny….Because that’s quite difficult.

Many girls are funny! What should they do if they want to make some money through humor? Is it only about a God’s gift or also hard work?

I think it’s a question when and how creativity kicks in. But of course, there’s some percentage of talent and whether your humor is interesting for someone else than your five friends. And that’s not always so clear. Well, mostly, don’t let anything stop you, you have to try and work hard, even if it sometimes gets awkward or you get some dislikes. If you’re sure that this is what you love, then that’s it. The most important thing is to love what we do.

Which project do you see as your greatest success and which brings you the nicest memories?

I would probably have to say that making ‘Evelyn’s World’ but also my own videos, Zizel and Gitka.

When paying, do some people ask for Kuna?🤣

Yep, still, more often than I can take! 😀

When you’re making videos, do you prepare some scripts or do you improvise? Where do you find inspiration?

I write everything down. When a person says that he is gonna remember something, he’ll definitely forget it. So, I note down everything, I get inspiration from my own life, what actually happens.

Apart from being super funny, many girls relate to you because you seem normal and honest. Do you sometimes feel like show businesses gone over your head?

No, I don’t feel like that. I’m not an ‘attention seeker’ nor someone who needs to be talked about. So, no, I don’t think so.:-D


Do you have friends in showbiz that you can really trust?

Of course! Throughout my journey, I’ve met only good people. Well, yeah, you are friends with someone right away and with someone not –  but it goes like this, I think, good people attract and look for other good people and it’s great to work with them. 🙂

Many of us care a bit too much about some extra weight and you were not ashamed to dance in a short dress in Dancing with the Stars. How do you do that not caring thing?

But of course I care! I need to feel good about myself too, I care about my appearance, but it’s not on the top of my priorities. Life’s interesting and when people focus too much on their weight, all those interesting parts can just pass by without anybody noticing. I don’t mean only weight, but anything we are paying too much attention to, is not good. It’s not a good idea to get too attached to anything.

Whole Slovakia witnessed you losing weight during Dancing with the Stars. Was it on purpose? Do you feel better like this?

I do actually feel better, but I haven’t lost that much weight. It was mostly getting in shape. I still dance, after being in Columbia for a month, my diet worsened there and now I need to get back on track. I felt much better.

What’s your diet? Reveal some of your beauty secrets.

I don’t it meat and that’s the only thing. I have recently started reading Igor Bukovsky book, so when I’m done I will be giving out (his) advice.

What’s your favorite way to relax?

Netflix and chill and my cat, Emko. And then there’s endlessly long beach and turquoise sea. That’s the best relax for me.


What’s your top fashion item right now?

Holographic Chanel backpack and vintage denim Levis shirts from my dad. I also love silver Kattiva bumbag, I take it everywhere!


We picked three of you who wanted to ask something and these questions were the most interesting!

  • Miriam Kakaščíková

Hi, I know that Evelyn went to Columbia very recently, so I’d like to know:

👉🏽Why Columbia?

It was a random thing. When me and my friend, Stevko were deciding where to go, his cousin was there at that time and we said it wouldn’t be so crazy to go.

👉🏽What surprised you the most about the locals?

They were incredibly cute! Despite not having too much, they are generous, and there’s music and dance all around.

👉🏽Did you get a chance to eat anything interesting that you can’t in Europe? If yes, what was it?

Well, since I don’t eat meat, it was a big issue. There’s chicken everywhere! The only good thing I ate was coconut rice with salmon fillet. The rice was sweet, soaked with coconut. It was the best.

👉🏽Did anything dangerous happen to you?

Mostly in the nature, not in cities. I was extremely cautious, but when hiking in the jungle, we saw a snake and heard roaring monkeys, let me tell you, I started tearing up from fear.

  • Alexandra Semanová

Dear Evelyn: What three cosmetic products and three pieces of clothing would you take with you on a deserted island?

I know that right away! When we went camping in Columbia, of course, me a girly girl, I took my facial cleansing gel – I won’t go to bed until I remove my make-up and wash my face! Its name is Mon Platin – Nectar Facial Wash with black caviar and gold. With that I would take a moisturizing night cream from the same line and then an SPF lotion – because it’s torture for me to be without it on an island! I have sensitive and dry skin, I moisturize  twice a day to avoid having stretch marks and other things and it helps! 🙂 Clothes: When I went on a hike to see an Indian tribe, I was wearing pink Prosecco Shower dress (a very bad choice for a 5 hour mountain hike, but I wanted to look fabulous, when I see the Indians for the first time.) I would definitely take my Unicorn Power t-shirt I love wearing because it’s all stretched out and comfy and of course, a pair of hot pants. 🙂

  •  David Hunt

I’d like to ask Evelyn: Do you have some secret dream that you’d like to make real?

I do, it’s work related of course, but I can’t tell you more, it’s a secret, right. 😀 I’d like to be in an international movie or tv series, that’s perhaps one of the top dreams.


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Enjoy the rest of this Sunday!

Katka and Iva