Hey ladies! We have an interview with a super successful woman for you today, ex-tennis player, Daniela Hantuchova. We are honored that she agreed to do the interview for our blog and when she sent the answers almost immediately, we realized what a professional she is. She could be stuck-up if she wanted to. She could act arrogant and nobody would even have the right to say anything. However, she is all smiles, kind and willing and we love her for that! After ending her career, she lives in Rome, but travels all around the world, because she is absolutely busy. Let her story inspire you!

Was it difficult to decide to quit playing tennis? How long did it take you get to the final point?

Such decision took quite some time, because tennis was basically my life since I was five and the decision wasn’t easy at all. But as soon as I definitely decided to quit, I felt incredibly free and reborn. I didn’t have time for anything else until that point! So, I finally have a normal life. But tennis will always be a part of my life. Even though I’m done with playing professionally, I haven’t given it up completely, because something you love will be a part of you for good. I did give up professional tours though and traveling eleven months a year. ???

What’s your life like after ending your career? Enjoying ‘retirement’ or still working like crazy?

Hah, retirement isn’t the best word when you’re 34, I guess, however, in sport, it’s true. Since I sweated a lot on the court, I’m used to work and it’s natural in my life. I couldn’t just lie not the beach and spend my day doing nothing. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents raised me to be diligent and I’m extremely grateful for that. But the difference is, that now, I can choose the projects I do and have some time off when I want. That’s something that had been unknown to me for 20 years. I love doing sports commentaries, I have to say that I did not expect that to happen. Then there are different tennis exhibitions.  For example, not so long ago in Madison Square Garden (New York), that was amazing! To play with Serena and Venus Williams in a full arena, unforgettable! At the beginning of the year I played at Tennis Legends during the first grand slam, that’s a great honor for a tennis player! Apart from that, I’m working on improving my own brand, D-one, healthy raw bars that are doing better and better. In April, I’ll be the ambassador of ČSOB marathon in Bratislava and we are going to have our on D-one relay and in summer I will be organizing a couple of D-one golf tournaments all through D-one foundation…So, what can I say, I’m not bored.?‍♀️☺️

WOW, weren’t you supposed to be resting? 😀 By the way, which activity makes you the happiest?

There’s something about all of them, it’s wonderful that each activity is different. I’ve always been doing many things at once, so I can’t really say which makes me the happiest. I’m grateful for every single one. But I must admit that the time in New York was one of the best experiences ever! It has never occurred to me that I would get the chance to play in Madison Square Garden…And it happened right after I was done with professional tennis. All of the other players still actively play… I guess I appreciate that the most. ??????

Do you do any kind of sport even now when you don’t have to? What’s your favorite?

Of course! I can’t imagine my life without sport, it was my job for twenty-nine years… The best thing about that is that now I can do any sport I feel like doing. When I played, I had to be more careful. I’ve become fond of golf, I can finally ski and if possible, I go to the gym almost every morning… But the plus is that when there’s no time or I’m just not in the mood, I don’t have to.?

Why Rome? What does your usual day look like?

I wanted to live here since I was a little kid, the mentality and the lifestyle really suit me. I’ve worked extremely hard throughout my whole life and that’s why I love it here more than anywhere else in the world. And since I’ve trained here before, I’m already settled you could say, I have my circle of friends and so on… and the food! 🙂 Do I even need to say more?…???

You’re not the typical muscly type, you also have some model qualities. Do you enjoy modeling?

I definitely enjoy it more now than when I played professionally. Because I feel that the time spent photo shooting could have been used for practice. Since I wanted to devote all my energy into tennis, it was always kinda ‘in the way’ of my actual daily agenda. Now, when I do have time for that, it’s surely more fun.

Tell us your hottest fashion pick you can’t live without.

Well, I’m not sure if it can be called fashionable but I’m really enjoying traveling with a cute little carry-on and a handbag, not with five suitcases and a backpack! ??

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Together with my husband and kids in a house somewhere near Rome, where it’s a bit more peaceful to raise kids than in a city. I just wish all the people are healthy, happy and we live in love and peace…❤️?


What an incredible woman, right, ladies? So…NORMAL! Many of us picture sportsman’s or sportswoman’s life as something easy-breezy but in reality, it’s a lot of hard work and restrain… did you like today’s interview? If you have any questions for Daniela, feel free to write them in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of this Wednesday!

Katka and Iva