Hello, ladies! We hope you are having a beautiful November weekend. We are incredibly happy, that you like our blog and we’d like to brag a little bit and tell you that we now have readers from abroad, too! It’s wonderful that the reader count is rising, you like our articles and that they also inspire you. We want to get inspired by you and that is the reason why we are preparing some interesting events, news, improvements for you very soon! Last week was a bit frantic because of the move to the new premises. You don’t want to know the actual state there right now. 😀 But as soon as we tidy it up, we promise, you will be more than welcome. 🙂

You’ve commented that you’d like to know what cosmetic products we use. So, we have decided to work with this particular idea and reveal our favorites.


L’oreal True Match Foundation

I’d been using quite heavy foundations my whole life because I had a feeling that I needed to have a ton of it to cover all my flaws. I underestimated cheaper brands and preferred to buy expensive and fancy brands. However, since I have been eating healthy, I have to say, that my skin has improved. When I was testing True Match foundation, I realized that less really is more. This foundation covers what is needed and still looks very natural! As soon as I started wearing it, I noticed how my skin was brighter every single morning and I began to feel more natural and confident. And it’s not that expensive!


The story I have when I bought this perfume for the first time is very funny. I was in San Francisco at that time and my perfume bottle broke. My mom always used to say that green perfumes suit me –  don’t ask me why. 😀 And so I got to a perfume shop and checked out all the green perfumes in there. I picked out my first CHANEL because I wanted to feel like an adult. This was in 2009 and I haven’t changed it since! Yep, I’ve stuck with the same perfume for 8 years, people recognize me by it and I can’t imagine wearing something else. It’s simply fresh, subtle and feminine.





LA MER Cream

Ivka kind of infected me with this cream. It’s very high quality and that’s why I always save it, but it truluy is amazing! The background of this brand is interesting, though. When doing lab experiments, a NASA scientist Max Huber, suffered from burns on his face and he decided to develop a cream which would heal his skin. The basis of the cream is seaweed and mineral oil. I don’t use it all year round, of course, I switch between a few different creams.

MAC Lipstick, Mehr

Since I discovered this lipstick, I haven’t worn anything else on my lips (besides a lip balm). This shade is a little darker than the shade of lips, therefore, it looks very natural. What’s great is that you can play with the level of intensity. When I’m going out, I wear a lip pencil and press harder. But I also use it when I want to look completely natural, without the pencil and I apply it lightly. The lipstick is matte, it can dry your lips, so it’s important to hydrate them with a lip balm beforehand. 🙂



DIOR Lip gloss – Shade 363

I’ve been loyal to this lip gloss for quite some time. It’s a wonderful finishing touch for a regular day, because I fell like it gives my lips a natural shade and hydrates them as well.

MARC JACOBS Lip pencil, Slow Burn

I don’t know if I have kept this habit from the times of dance competitions, when we used a lip pencil to make our lips stand out more, but I still use it to this day and I always try to match the color with the lip gloss.


Maybe it’s a known fact about me, but this cream has been by my side my whole life. It’s the only thing that helps my dry lips and skin. I also apply it around my eyes before going to bed. And the best thing about it is that it’s super versatile! If you have a creaking door or you’d like to polish your shoes, nothing can beat this. 😀

LANCER, polish, cleanse

I didn’t use to cleanse my skin deeply, just removed make-up. After I moved to LA, where the smog levels are higher, my skin got worse and I spent ages looking for the way how to bring it back to its original state. I don’t know if the brand name matters a lot or it’s more important that you actually cleanse your skin every day, every evening, also with a peeling (you will get rid of dead skin particles, the blood circulation will improve as well as the production of collagen).



Have you noticed that both, me and Katka, have green perfume bottles? I’ve had green or blue perfume bottles all my life. The scents are mostly fresh and citrusy. This particular one includes lemon, jasmine, kumquat, mint. It’s been with me since 2015. 🙂


And last, but not least! A tip from both of us, it’s a cream from a pharmacy, its price is reasonable and it works like magic! You can use it for your face, body and those of you with drier skin will immediately feel the difference! It’s made for skin conditions but we use it as a part of our daily routine and have to say, that it’s a small wonder. The cream is without a strong scent, so you can use any perfume over it. 🙂

Girls, we do believe, that you enjoyed reading this post and you might try some of the products. Leave us a comment with the name of the product that caught your attention the most or share your cosmetic favorites, we’ll be happy to read about them.

Next week, we are launching an interesting project with the most popular Slovak Youtuber, Moma, so if you have anyone in your family who’s her fan, you don’t have to think about a Christmas present anymore! We have a new ‘wishlist’ option for you on our e-shop, too; it can be sent to your potential ‘Santa’. 🙂 Because we know what you need. 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday

Katka and Iva