Hi girls! We’ve had a very emotional day, yesterday we celebrated our third birthday. First of all, we want to thank you all for your wishes. It is strange that we talk about Kattiva as a person, but it’s kinda like our baby … ? So thank you, thank you, thank you! You are our motivation and when you see what we have ready for you, you will be happy and, therefore, us too. ? We started another year in a positive mood, and today we want to bring you an exclusive report from the biggest festival in the world, Coachella. If you don’t already know it or you don’t know what we’re talking about, or if you want to read about interesting bits from this event, read on!

When we hear the word Coachella, we immediately think of one key word: STYLE! This festival is a huge fashion show of taste and the latest fashion trends, international celebrities attend this event to have fun and we are super happy that for the second year Iva represented our Kattiva. And as always, she walked around with open eyes and ears, so we could enjoy at least a little bit from here … ?

Best Performers

The main star of the festival was nobody other than Beyoncé. This girl was supposed to perform a year ago, but she canceled her performance because she was expecting her baby. Well, but this year she showed everybody how to put on the most amazing show! Her performance can’t be compared to anything! The rumor has it that her earnings weren’t so high because of all the expenses for something this spectacular. But the fact that the whole world wasn’t talking about anything else but her for a moment, made up for that for sure!

2. The band ODESZA went before another headliner of the festival, Eminem. So they had to think very well about how they were going to get the attention ! And it should be noted that they did! During their performance, they had an excellent light show, and at the end they surprised the audience with a drone show, hundreds of drones in the sky created a synchronous choreography, which resulted in a 3D display of their symbol.

3. Kygo was also a great show, having guests as Rita Ora or Jamie Foxx.

Artworks on Coachella 2018

Festivals aren’t matter of alcohol and drugs anymore. People attend to get the most nor only from music, but also art. Every year, the festival gives artists a chance to create something original and magical for all visitors. The artwork on Coachella 2018 made virtual reality come to life.


Three identical buildings, made from mesh, that resemble a pencil drawing in the air. Their author is Edoard Tresoldi.


 The tower, which consists of all the colors of the rainbow, is made of structural steel and acrylic. In the evening, the whole tower was lit by LEDs and it was something breathtaking. It was produced by the British company Newsubstance.


A star made of wood and metal foil, painted with pastel colors in orange, yellow and blue shades. The idea behind this piece is to bring all people together. The authors of the work are Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt.


The design is based on the Soviet Space Station Mir. The author of the work is Simón Vegas.

In addition to the works of art, the festival truly can be a fashion isnpiration. We’re preparing a great post about Coachella outfits for Sunday, now look at Ivka’s outfits from all three days. She went for very comfortable footwear after her experience from last year – recently, you could’ve read about the hypebeast style up here on the blog. If you haven’t had time for it, check it out HERE.


DAY 1. – Reebok sneakers, belt, backpack, earrings – all Kattiva,  Carmardenim skirt.

DAY 2 – Shoozers sneakers, bumbag, necklace – Kattiva, body LF store (store in L.A.)

DAY 3 – Reebok sneakers, belt, backpack, necklace – all Kattiva, H&M dress.

Celebrities on Coachella

At the festival, there were so many celebrities, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, all Victoria’s secret models and all fashion bloggers. About them as well as about this year’s festival fashion trends you’ll be reading this Sunday.

We believe we got you into a mood for Sunday’s fashion post at least a bit. Even if you don’t plan to go to any festival this year, it’ll surely be an inspiration for your daily outfits.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Katka and Iva