Hi, ladies! We are here again with another fashion-related post. After launching the FACE OF KATTIVA contest, we started receiving many e-mails and that makes us incredibly happy and we can’t wait for our new team members! Today, we’ve decided to introduce one of the hottest trends of this summer, so have fun reading!

From time to time, a fashion trend, which spurs discussions because of its uniqueness, comes around. First to wear it are the trendsetters and its creators are just impatiently waiting whether the public will jump on board as well. One of these examples is the trend of chain bras and chain harnesses, which are supposed to let everyone around us know that we know what’s trendy. Because when Bella Hadid, one of the most successful top models these days, put the bra on, it became a fashion sensation! Some people might question it a bit, but every true fashionista loves it! And so do we!




As it’s clear from its own name, it’s a chain in the shape of a bra. Of course, not with the right support of a bra, but what we can definitely expect is that our cleavage (whether fuller or not) will be get more attention and be beautifully decorated. Sometimes just a small thing is enough and rom a simple outfit you can get a cool outfit. The chain bra will definitely help you!

This style was inspired by Indian culture, where it’s completely normal for women to wear such ornaments on their body, because it boots self-confidence and femininity.

It’s an unbelievably sexy accessory perfect for festivals, beach or a summer party! It’s sophisticated and adds glow to your tan body. Or even not so tan. 🙂 when a woman puts the bra on, she immediately feels beautiful and delicate.

We are really glad that KATTIVA is the very first Slovak brand to offer these beautiful body chains. You can find our new collection HERE. There are many types but we tried to design something that could look special and sexy, but be subtle at the same time to make the outfit slightly mysterious. Plus, you can combine them with your favorite pieces from previous collections.



And what about you, do you like it?

Have a nice rest of the Sunday!

Katka & Iva