Hey!Another January week went by and we are happy that you found some time to read our regular Sunday post. Last week’s post about detox was quite successful according to your reactions and that’s why we’ve asked L’oreal whether they’d be so nice and gave us a few bundles of those amazing detox face masks, we wrote about last week, for multimasking (it paid off to take hundreds of photos for one good one :-D). They were super kind and gave us 5 bundles of 3 masks and then we just started rounds of weekend giveaways! 😀 If you have not joined, get right to it, to make it in time for choosing another winner today. You also have a chance to win at the end of this post! Today, we are going to talk about a travel spot, where Ivanka found herself all of a sudden last week. But of course, she took pictures of everything and here’s a small report from beautiful Half Moon Bay in California.

It doesn’t happen often that my husband has 4 days off and when it actually happens, we try to  have a small getaway every now and then. This time, we were planning to go to Mexico, camera ready to document it for you and the blog…Well, as it is, God has his own way of planning and right before our departure I got a call from my agency that I won a casting for Garmin campaign. Not that I’m a workaholic, but you can’t say no to such offer and our plans needed to be changed and my unforgettable adventure started.

I got there a day earlier to explore the area and I was amazed by the beauty. This place, not too far from San Francisco, is not in the touristy what-to-see lists. It’s for people who want to get away from the city rush, clear the head in gorgeous nature.

This area is known mostly for its huge golf course on the Carlton Ritz property and runs along a cliff with spectacular scenery. The architecture of the hotel is inspired by Scotland and you don’t feel like in the USA at all.

The shoot took a couple of days and was difficult, firstly because the weather was cold and my outfit was a skirt and a tank top. Of course, I got sick right away, hot baths, I had every day at the hotel, did not help. When I got back home, I made myself that magical ‘potion’ called magic shot, which we wrote about HERE and as always, it did wonders and after a few days I was healthy again. Well, girls, let me tell you, being a model is not as easy as many think.

Let’s get back to Half Moon bay, because I was trying to make a MUST-SEE list for you if you ever get here.I didn’t have to see everything but I definitely want to come back.


The whole area is surrounded by beaches with typical American names, for instance Surfer’s beach, Dunes beach, Venice beach or Francisco beach. The best time for sunbathing or swimming is September to November. But don’t expect warm water! Since is the coast of the Pacific Ocean, which belongs to the coldest ones, many go for a neoprene swimsuit.


If you want to eat some local seafood delicacies, you can’t miss this lovely harbor with plenty of fantastic restaurants. It’s wonderful to combine it with a walk along the cliff, where you can watch the endless coast of the Pacific. The views are incredibly calming. If you get here in December to May and you are feeling adventurous, book a boat trip and maybe spot some whales.


This lighthouse is considered to be one of the biggest in the US. It was build in 1871 to guide naval transport around the cots. Until then, there had been a few accidents and building a lighthouse was definitely a necessity.


As you can guess from the name, it’s the main street and historical center Half Moon Bay. You can find many trendy boutique hotels, bars, cafes here. If you visit, we recommend Italian restaurant Pasta Moon, which is one of the best known in the area. They are famous for their motto: ‘Farm to Table’. All of the ingredients are organic and most are grown in-house. Yum!


What’o09ps interesting about this place is that there are two world-class golf courses right next to each other. Both are on the Ritz Carlton property, but the design is completely different. What they have in common though, is the view of the ocean, which is definitely worth it! If you are a golf-lover, this is THE place for you!


The waves here are ones of the highest in the whole world, perfect for the top surfers. Those, who live or happen to be in the area, participate in surfing contest, which are a bit different from the other, because nobody really knows when’s the next one. They are announced 48 hours in advance depending on the weather forecast. For safety reasons, the contests are not open to the public. If you want to see the height of the waves, check YouTube for some videos, it’s brutal!


Milk farm, founded in 1910, is located 25 kilometers from Half Moon Bay, but it’s worth visiting. 200 Alpine goats on 9 are land in Pescadero area. It’s famous for wonderful dairy products, which have also won international cheese contests (yep, they exist! :-D) Besides a restaurant with their products, you can get a tour of the farm as well.

So, do you feel like you want to visit at least a little bit? If any of you are heading to California, it’s gonna be a great experience! And it’s something unusual that many people haven’t experienced. 🙂

And now, to the promised giveaway for 3 L’oreal Pure Clay masks for multimasking. Leave a comment below what multimasking means. If you’re not sure, you can find the answer HERE. The winner will be announced in Wednesday’s post!

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Have a beautiful rest of this Sunday and don’t forget to check out our new collection up on the e-shop!

Katka and Iva