Hello! Today’s post was prepared by Katka, since it all comes from her own experience and we wanted it to be really authentic. Because of this post, we have reached out to a couple of companies and did a 6-hour photoshoot and managed to put one great contest together! We believe you are going to like it and it might change the life of the winner!

I started with hot yoga last year because I was having a quite stressful period of my life and was looking for a way to exercise differently than with weights at the gym. I came across Bratislava Hot Yoga Center while reading one article and thought it was a great idea to get moving someplace nice and warm in January. Eventually, it ended up being much more than that and I have to say, that doing hot yoga has changed the way I look at my life and body as a whole. Of course, I started seeing some changes on my body after some time and started losing weight. You can find many benefits of hot yoga on Google but I’d like to share what it has given me over the year I’ve been doing it.

When I was at the first lesson, I was so shy. Even though, the most important thing is to focus, I kept looking around what the others were doing and how. I wanted to be the best and that’s why I overestimated myself and well, I even felt sick a bit a few times. I’ve realized that yoga is not about competing, bodies are different and people are better at different things. For example, I found out that my lumbar joints are blocked from dancing, among other things. Yoga is based on concentration a lot. The most important are breathing and concentrating on your own body. Exactly for this reason, the first lesson will be totally relaxing for you! If you have a good instructor, you won’t care about anything else but you. He or she just won’t let you!

When you’re doing hot yoga, the room’s temperature is about 39-40 degrees Celsius. It sounds scary, but you will get used to it. Before that I used to hate sweating and saw this whole process as something negative. However, this feeling has changed and I started to notice how wonderful I was feeling when I helped it get rid of toxins. I feel reborn after every lesson! Literally! Strong detox is the best thing about that for me. I also used to have problems with low blood pressure, it had happened that I just passed out. That’s why I was a bit worried at the beginning, but thanks to it I managed to overcome this issue.

Benefits of hot yoga from my point of view:

• STRONG DETOX OF THE BODY – during those 90 minutes of hot yoga, you sweat out a lot of water and get rid of toxins. I had never experienced this feeling before, I could compare it to a sponge all soaked up with dirt from the kitchen and you squeeze or wring it.

• BETTER SLEEP – I had trouble sleeping before but I sleep like a baby after hot yoga

• SKIN IMPROVEMENT – yoga helps blood circulation in your skin, I , personally, turn as red as a tomato. But the pores get so tight that you can barely smile. 🙂

• WEIGHT-LOSS AND BODY FORMING – get ready for your muscles to be sore after the first lesson! Your body will get used to it and start forming and you might notice some weight-loss. It does not happen right away and you can’t forget about healthy balanced diet. If you do hot yoga but then you eat pizza or burgers on a regular basis, the weight-loss will most probably not happen…

• LIGHT DIET – what’s great that when you come home half-dead from hot yoga, you won’t even think about pizza! You will feel like having something light and healthy and that will be enough for you.

• PEACE OF MIND – in my opinion, this is one of the most important things, that has improved in my life from the moment I started with yoga. Yoga teaches you how to focus on your own body and rest mentally while the body is doing all the hard work. Besides that, it taught me that you do not always need to compete with other people and completely changed the way I look at my body. I’ve got a positive outlook on life now and I’m smiling more.

• BLOOD PRESSURE BALANCE – it’s hard to describe but I somehow learned how to control it. During the lesson, it sometimes happens, that some poses can cause dizziness, but when you get used to it and move into the Child’s Pose in time and you’re okay in a minute and you can continue. Of course, this becomes a part of your daily life too and you can spot low blood pressure early.

• BETTER POSTURE – I didn’t really have a problem with good posture because dancing taught me how to stand straight. But I fixed the slight lordosis I had, as many women do. During 90 minutes, the instructor keeps telling you push out your pelvis which you will get used to over time. There are many people with a sitting office job or slouch and supposedly this helps a lot.

Ladies, I’ve decided to show you a few poses, which are done during a hot yoga lesson. Don’t let this discourage you, because during the lesson, the instructor is going to tell you about different phases of each pose. Every little improvement and progress is going to be awesome, believe me! When I got to the first lesson, I was far from where I’m now and when I first did a headstand a couple months ago, I felt so happy because I had always feared it and I don’t even know how, but all of a sudden, I was upside down. Well, I do know how, because each pose is slowly preparing you for it.

Here are the poses we shot for this post with a wonderful photographer Peter Kubalak, who was so creative that you can see the poses up to four times!

1. Sukhasana – ‘the Easy Sitting Pose’

Most of the time, the lesson begins with stand with eyes closed you get to the right level of concentration. This pose relaxes knees and pelvis, increases flexibility and relaxes back muscles, the whole body and mind. A more difficult variation is the Lotus Pose, which is still impossible for me because of my blocked lumbar joints.

2. Dancer’s Pose

One of my favorites, why do you think? 🙂 It strengthens leg muscles, helps with flexibility, opens the chest and makes the shoulder muscles work. Improves concentration and stability.

3. Warrior 2

This pose might seem easy, but it’s challenging for me. It straightens the spine and strengthens on both legs and arms, helps with good posture.

4. Pigeon

Alright, here you can see my blocked lumbar joints, I can’t go any further yet! So, this is not the best Pigeon Pose you’ve ever seen, but I’m working on that. It helps flexibility in lower back and pelvis, activates arms. During this pose, you also work with back muscles, open the chest. Apart from that, you also work with the psoas major – the emotion muscle.

5. Revolved Triangle Pose

This is an advanced variation of the pose, don’t worry. It looked good in the photo, so I decided to make an effort for this reason. During that, your back muscles and ankles, wrists get stronger, you open your chest muscles, and keep your spine alive and flexible.

6. Headstand

Here is the above mentioned headstand that I’m so proud of! That’s why it couldn’t be led out of my short series of poses! 🙂 Throughout the lesson, you are doing various preparation exercises and before you know it you’re on your head (it took me 10 months 🙂 ) This pose is considered to be the most active in yoga. Helps to improve blood circulation in brain and eyes, works against anxiety and stress, relaxes tension in the back.

7. Twist Poses

Of course I love this part the most! When I’m all sweaty and tired and I just stretch my muscles and relax. At the end, the teacher asks you to do Shavasana, which is very important in yoga and shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you take everything the instructor says seriously, you will learn how to breath and concentrate properly, you can even get to a complete delirium and forget about you surroundings and time. It has happened to me a few times, what a mind reset.

If you take everything what the instructor says seriously, you will learn how to breath and concentrate properly, you can even get to a complete delirium and forget about you surroundings and time. It has happened to me a few times, what a mind reset.

What’s interesting for me is that many yoga positions are similar to animal movements (e.g. a cat, downward-facing dog, upward-facing dog, turtle, eagle, pigeon and so on.). Each one of them massages your insides and your body literally gets rid of harmful substances, which  wether you want it or not, get to your system.

My tips for those who, based on this article, found motivation to attend your very first lesson:

• Keep higher water intake throughout the day, it’s ideal to drink just a little during the lesson, to detox the most. The most advanced ladies there, don’t drink at all.

• Get some comfy and functional clothes. Ideally a pair of leggings and sports bra. Those of you who are still a bit ashamed to be only in a bra, wear a t-shirt over it. For a few years, Adidas has been a win regarding this for me, they even have things for hot yoga and they’re amazing. And of course, in all the pictures I’m wearing Adidas, I swear I don’t wear anything else. 🙂

• Don’t compare yourselves to other girls around you. Yoga is not a competition and everyone has different abilities.

• If you start feeling that it is too much and can’t go on, do the Child’s Pose right away. Even the more experienced ones do it, it’s not embarrassing or anything and nobody is going to judge you. Rest for a few minutes and you can continue.

• After the lesson, drink and think about the amount of fluids you’ve just lost. I particularly like Vitamin Well drink and their new product Hydrate which is perfect for having it after such lesson.

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