Hey ladies! The soup post was a huge success, we are super excited about that, because it makes us happy when our blog is an inspiration for you. Today is Valentine’s and despite us not really going overboard with celebrating it, we think good dinner, whether in a restaurant or at home, is well-deserved. 🙂 We won’t go on and on about that, hope that’s fine with you 🙂

Back then in the 90’s we had a few TV series hits we were mad about as Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, X Files and so on. But did you know that lately the USA has been producing many TV series and even the best A-list actors make more of them than movies? So, if you don’t like anything showed on the ’regular’ TV, turn on Netflix and download these series:

This is a definite MUST-SEE for the fans of Sex and the City (we on the first spots, right there :-D) TV series inspired by women. The main characters are mothers and wives, from better social  status and each one of them is keeping a secret. The creators of this show betted on casting the queens of acting, which kind of reveals that it won’t be a complete stupidity (otherwise Nicole Kidman wouldn’t have taken it, right?) We are hooked and can’t wait for next season!


Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Kravitz a Laure Dern


This TV series, awarded a Golden Globe, is thrilling! Even though it might look as it was made for younger audience, it’s nothing like that. The story is based in a fictional town, Hawkins, where the Hawkins National Laboratory is. This institution carries out research for the US Department of Energy. When experimenting, they managed to create a parallel universe called Upside Down. The main role is played by Millie Bobby Brown (by the way, that’s the thirteen year old teenager that looked as if she were 30 at the Golden Globes, see for yourselves HERE).



Another award-winning show with Kevin Spacey in the main role, worth watching! The show circles around politics. The plot concentrates around Frank Underwood, a US senator and secretary, who, after being denied the post of secretary of the Foreign Affairs, tries to make his own, very well thought-out, plan work. The plan is to become a vice-president and then all the way to the most important post – the US president, which he eventually succeeds in, thanks to his scheming and support from his ambitious wife. If you like politics, don’t miss this one!


Another show more suited for women, which is, among other things, known for its amazing styling, so if you want to see some fashion info, this is it! It’s set in British royal court and the main role is played by Elisabeth Hurley, queen Helena in the show, who’s famous for her elegance, being level-headed and effort to present her family in the best way possible in the eyes of the public. An interesting piece of trivia is that her daughter on the show, portrayed by Alexandra Park, fell in love with her bodyguard Tom Austen and later they fell in love in reality as well. 🙂




Brutally gripping detective TV series for those who love suspension and guessing who the murdered is, The Killing is what you are looking for. You will definitely end up binge watching it, believe us! This show was filmed based on Danish show Folbydelsen and it tells a story of a young girl’s murder and three different tales connected with it.

Girls, hopefully you are going to forgive us not mentioning Valentine’s here today. We are actually preparing something awesome for you and kind of wanted to focus on it. You can participate in a giveaway again on Sunday, so don’t miss our upcoming post. We’ll be happy to see every comment or a tip for a show to watch.

Love you!

Katka and Iva