Over the past few years, we have noticed a giant boom around a healthy lifestyle, fit diet, hot shredded bodies and various meal plans, which pop up from almost anywhere. We live in a very shallow era; many things depend on the appearance and life’s just easier for prettier or more handsome people. We witness how the young (and even the older) fell for this trend and they might not even like it, they don’t know what’s happening with their body, they just lift weights, don’t eat in order to look great on the outside. They would much rather lie in front of the TV and eat hamburgers, but what would the others say? Anyhow, this trend is still better than the last one, when it was ‘in’ to smoke a cigarette and drink a lot of beer.

Us girls would love if we had a healthy lifestyle for our own good, not for the others. There are many benefits to the habit of healthy nutrition. And it’s not going to be temporary, we’ll get used to it and it will stay in our heads, because we don’t want to be only thin and that’s it. What we really want is for our body to stay in shape as long as possible. We want to use the highest quality fuel to be the most powerful and efficient, isn’t that right?


We’d like to focus on proteins today. And do you know why? Many people don’t even know what it actually is, but they drink protein shakes after every gym session because everybody else seems to be doing it. So, let’s go over it.


We know plant and animal-based proteins (meat and dairy products). The plant ones can be found in vegetables (logical), are very important, however vegetables should be combines. Animal proteins are in meat but also in other animal-based products as eggs, dairy products and those are complete (or whole) proteins, therefore they do not necessarily need to be combined.


And what’s so great about them? There surely are many other health benefits but we will list those which might be the most interesting for our readers.


You lose weight without even thinking about it

Diet with protein will make you feel full to the point that you’ll not need to look for a snack around your flat. One portion and that’s enough for next few hours. Plus, it’s healthy.


Craving something sweet? Not anymore!

If you have lack of proteins in your diet, your body will be screaming for energy, it is going to ask for in in no other way than in candy or chocolate because you get the energy immediately. You’ll also immediately have a big bum, so you need to be careful.


More energy throughout the day

Healthy protein breakfast can make you feel full of energy straight away and for a couple of hours even! During this time, you’ll be able to focus on anything you’re doing.


Building muscles

If you are in the group of girls, who spend their free time at the gym because they want to have a muscular body, then you should look into proteins more than it’s mentioned here because it’s extremely for you in particular.


We’ve mentioned protein breakfast, even if there are many theories, we still stick to the one about breakfast being very important. We should also point out that the type of breakfast we had when we were little wasn’t probably the best choice. So, having a bread roll with jam or a bowl of Chocapic isn’t the right thing for us in the long run.


On the other hand, if you add the perfect amount of protein to your breakfast, we will feel in shape and full of energy! Here are our 4 healthy breakfast ideas.




Cottage cheese is the thing for us and there definitely will be more posts about it. Since we’ve discovered it, it’s been a part of 75 per cent of our breakfast. You can combine it with all kinds of vegetables because it has a very subtle and mild flavor. When we are not able to lunch properly, we’d rather eat cottage instead of something fried from the cafeteria. Today. It’s the combination of cottage cheese and eggs. Egg protein is easily digested and you’ll not have that feeling of being bloated. Both of the ingredients are low-calorie, so you kill two birds with one stone. By the way, not so long ago, there’s a special Rajo protein cottage cheese with seeds and it’s amazing. THIS WOULD BE THE BEST IDEA FOR BRAEKFAST!



1 cottage cheese active protein

3 eggs

spring onion

2 cherry tomatoes




We prepare scrambled eggs, add salt and pepper if we wish. Let it cool down a bit and mix in the cottage cheese active protein, add tomatoes and spring onion cut to pieces.





3 dcl unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop of protein (whatever you prefer – chocolate, vanilla…)

1 frozen banana

½ of avocado

1 measuring glass of almond or peanut butter


The steps are very easy; just put everything in the mixer (smoothie maker) and mix it for approx. 1 minute.






2 spoons of chia seeds

1 spoon of buckwheat

1 spoon of hemp seeds

1 dcl of almond milk

1 spoon of maple syrup




cinnamon for decoration


We pour almond milk over the chia seeds 1cm over the top and stir in order to avoid lumps. After 20 minutes add maple syrup for taste (you can skip this if you wish), put cinnamon, walnuts, fruit on top.


It’s better to prepare the pudding one night before, leave it in the fridge overnight and it’s going to take only 2 minutes in the morning.





170g of white Greek yoghurt

half a cup of boiled and cooled quinoa

1 spoon of homemade syrup or forest fruit jam

forest fruit for decoration


Layer quinoa, yoghurt with syrup and fruits in a glass jar/cup. Depending on the height of the jar, repeat the steps.Quinoa and yoghurt are full of proteins which will fill you up until noon and with fruit with a low GI (glycemic index) value are an ideal combination for your morning.



Have we inspired you at least a bit, girls? If yes, we are very happy. Try our protein recipes and let us know, which ones you liked the most, deal?


With love,

Katka & Iva