Our dear Kattiva girls!

It’s almost unbelievable for us, but this is the last post we are writing for you in 2017. We were thinking what we’d write about and wouldn’t eat up so much of our time since we also wanted to enjoy a bit of holidays. 🙂 We are saying ‘a bit’ because we are never really not working, we try to come up with something new for you every single day. We decided that the last weekend of 2017 will be about giveaways! Those of you, who are Instagirls, you can win many beautiful pieces on our IG profile @kattiva.shop. For the Facebook active ones, we have a wonderful giveaway with DOVE products. You can join on Kattiva Trends page, so the Facebook of our blog, which has been gaining on awareness recently. And gals who are active on both, participate EVERYWHERE! But most of all, enjoy reading the very last post of this year. 🙂

When we were launching our blog last year, we had no idea, what would be the result. We haven’t been on TV for quite some time and we were asking ourselves whether there’s even a person interested in our lives and our whereabouts. We risked it and it worked out! We spent all year preparing posts for you because we enjoy it and because we saw that you were interested, which motivated us even more! All of your messages, questions or answers showed us that all our work meant something and we have the chance to change lives of women. We are almost tearing up writing that. We didn’t feel such such support during our TV dancing career as we receive now (and here we were thinking, we’re too old :-D).

The year 2017 was very important for us regarding work as well as personal life. Let’s go through the most significant milestones:

  • When Majo asked Ivanka to marry him, you were the first ones to know through our blog! We had a good laugh about that because usually it’s the media people who write first about these things and now we finally have the chance to communicate directly with you!
  • Our blog went bilingual in April, we added an English option, and we are happy that we have more and more readers from abroad!
  • With very little hopes, we started with Face of Kattiva contest, where hundreds of girls participated! Then, together we picked the winner, beautiful Katka Lajcinová, who’s the face and the ambassador of the brand for one full year.
  • In June, we went to the Blogger of the Year award ceremony and all thanks to your votes, we got in the final round in the newcomer category! THANK YOU!
  • In July, it was our third round at Pohoda festival with our pop-up store, which was full non-stop. And take my word for it, it will get even better next year!

  • There was one great party in July: Ivanka’s wedding! Everything was perfect! Well, except for helicopters with the paparazzi and press drones above the manor. Too much, don’t you think?  
  • One of Katka’s professional dreams came true and she became the choreographer of the new season of Let’s Dance. It was a challenging period of time, but well worth it!
  • We moved in November! Our beloved Kattivka found a new home in Ružinov, Bratislava, and the doors are always open for you! Well, just give us a call first, so we can tidy up a bit. 😀
  • And in December we went to give Tomáško, suffering from PMD, the money you had helped to raise through our e-shop and chipped in with even a euro. Kattiva has been helping those in need since the very beginning and we are incredibly proud of that!

Throughout the whole year, you inspired us to work on new and new posts. We found out that healthy diet and beauty are the topics that interest you the most.


Well, and since there’s never enough ideas, we’d like to ask you to leave us a comment what you’d love to read about and what interests you. We’ll work on the topics one by one, but what we can promise you is that we will get to every single one!

Girls, we wish you a better and beautiful year that the last one. And most importantly, be healthy inside out. Because your health show on a large scale on your beauty too. So, if we are healthy, we are also beautiful. 🙂 We wish you peace at mind, because that’s important as well. Think positive, find motivation and make your dreams come true. Everything is possible and we are the ones to talk about that. 😀 Inspire each other, enjoy your life, be proud that we are Slovak because it’s amazing to live in Slovakia.


Katka and Iva

PS: How long does it take you to get used to writing a new date of the year? 🙂