Hey, girls!

Oh, how the time flies by, right? We didn’t even realize it and the first advent Sunday is here. We are very glad, that we can talk to you through our blog this pre-Christmas time. Today’s post is going to be about our gift ideas. Last year, we wrote our very first article about Christmas gift ideas on our old web platform! So, we are feeling a little nostalgic. We believe, that you’ll find some inspiration in some of the things, that would make us happy! Enjoy the reading!

Starting next week, we have some news for you. At pre-assigned hours, you will have the chance to come and see us in our showroom and try the jewelry and clothes right there! Follow us on social media, where we will soon post some information. 🙂

Let’s get to it:


We’ve paired up with this extremely talented young Youtuber and created this small leather keychain and coin purse in one. We wanted to make little Kattiva girl, who are her fans, happy as well and let me tell you, there are many of them! If you have a teen lady at home, she will definitely know Moma, be her fan and wan this keychain! Bring her a little joy with this small original gift, you will definitely be the best Santa around!


We simply love this collection of t-shirts! When we came up with them, we had no idea, that they were going to be so successful! But did you know, we were inspired by dance dresses which had feathers on the bottom? Incredibly soft material is just another bonus. There are three versions of the dresses: without feathers, with feathers, and with removable feathers. Since they are handmade, we can adjust the length as you’d like. From the moment we launched them, they are in almost every order, so hurry up before we sell them out. And one more plus! You’ll receive the dress beautifully packaged (without an extra charge), which can go right under the Christmas tree, so you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

















This year, we’ve decided to add a more luxury collection of jewelry, which is really beautiful! Every single one is packed into a lovely jewelry box with love! We have also created a few sets if you wanted to make someone super happy. 🙂 The jewelry is feminine, subtle, but still very chic and go with any outfit. And most importantly, the collections are LIMITED, so you won’t see half of the Slovak Republic running around wearing them. A wonderful gift for more demanding ladies.


Let’s move onto more experience kind of gifts, so you wouldn’t see us as purely materialistic. 😀 We love trying out something new! We think, each one of us should be able to find some me-time and getting her a spa/beauty treatment is an amazing gift idea. A couple of days for pampering, massages, different treatments, that truly sounds great!


Cooking classes aren’t only for the newbies but also for the more advanced in the kitchen. The added value could be that you can go together with the one you’re gifting and enjoy it together! Choose from given themes and cook something super cool!



You might have noticed this recent trend of wearing colorful socks even with suits. It will soften up even the toughest guy and it’s really cool! A Slovak company, Moon Socks, caught our attention; they offer amazing designs in great quality. It’s definitely going to be a present for each man in our families!


What can make a man happier than a fast and exciting ride? Give it a shot with this original gift and you be sure that any guy will be beyond happy!

  1. SCRATCHING MAP (for travelers)

For all those who love to travel, we have this fantastic and original gift in the form of a map, which is like a lottery ticket. Just hang it somewhere on the wall and start scratching off the part you’ve visited. Awesome, right?


It looks amusing at the first sight, but the truth is, that many trendy men actually wear this tie! An amazing present, that will certainly attract somebody’s attention!

  1. DRONE

The fact that men will stay kids forever does not even need to be discussed! 😀 So, let’s power through and make them happy with a drone. Their eyes will definitely sparkle! 🙂


Girls, we hope we inspired you and we will continue with the Gift Ideas Part II next week! We’d like to ask you to help us with that and leave us a comment with Your gift ideas. We will announce the winner with the best gift idea and she will also find an interesting gift under the Christmas tree! The giveaway is also running on Facebook and we hope you are going to share great gifts and it will be mutual inspiration!

Have the most beautiful first advent Sunday!

Katka and Iva