Our dear Kattiva girls!

As every year, this one is no exception, fall simply went by incredibly quickly. We always get the feeling that Christmas is right after summer, don’t you think? Anyway, the older we are, the more exited we are and we seem to enjoy the holidays more and more. We prepare ourselves in advance and soak in the atmosphere. And people in a rush? Our opinion is, that you have it the way you manage. Meaning that if someone leaves Christmas shopping to the very last minute, it’s clear, he will be pushed and shoved by other people and be stuck in traffic for hours. When someone’s stressed about baking plenty of sweets, some of which will definitely end up in a trash can, it’s just more pressure and stress on him again. And that’s why those of you, who have just gone through this stressful period of time, promise, that next year you are going to try to manage this pre-Christmas time like a pro with ease and joy! From our own experience, let us tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling!

Saying that Christmas is not only about presents, is a bit of a cliché.  But these days are not ONLY about presents, but it’s an opportunity to get the whole family together, to let the adults watch all the kids’ programs on TV, to enjoy ourselves, the traditions and eat as we wish. We love our Slovak traditions because they are amusing, modest, original and full of love. And even though one of us has been spending Christmas in the USA for a few years already, she stays true to Slovak traditions. And what are the most popular?

1. Throwing walnuts into a corner

There’s a Slovak saying that the eldest member of the family is supposed to say, it goes something like this ‘Corners, my corners, I have nothing else to give you but these walnuts’ and then he proceeds to throw a walnut into all the corner in the room. Walnuts are a symbol of health and throwing them bring plenty to the household. Be careful when throwing though, don’t hurt anyone. 🙂


2.Walnut fortune telling

As mentioned above, walnuts mean health. During this tradition, all family members get a walnut and there’s a prophecy about one’s health for the upcoming year. If the walnut is bad, it means a sickness in the future and if it’s good, it means good health all year round. Pay attention when giving walnuts to kids, since if they had a bad walnut, they might end up sad and that’s not what we want on Christmas Eve. 🙁


3.Lentil soup for wealth

In the past, there used to be a strict fast, but let’s be completely honest, who can really go a full day without eating? It’s enough to have something small for lunch, for example lentil soup. Lentil symbolized wealth in the past. People believed that the more lentils they ate, the more successful they were going to be the following year… Well, maybe you need to work a little too, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? 🙂 And to make this tradition more now and recent as in the 21st century, you can try red lentils, which are healthier and won’t make you feel bloated. 🙂

4.Dividing food as a symbol of togetherness

Family is fundamental in Slovakia and it has always been that way. To prove that family should always hold together and help one another, some kind of fruit (e.g. an apple or a banana) is cut to the number of pieces as is the number of family members.


5.Plate for a stranger – symbol of hospitality

Despite the fact that Slovak people have never been the richest nations, they have always been willing and hospitable. Nobody should be alone at Christmas and that is the reason why there was an extra plate if a passerby stopped by.


Girls, which of these traditions are you familiar with? We think that health comes first no matter what. A few days ago, we realized that even more. As you know, a couple months ago, we organized a fund-raiser for Tomáško, who suffers with a very rare disease, PMD. You can read his full story HERE. You are truly amazing and you have proven it second year in a row. Every single one of you, even if you chipped in with 1 euro, you can feel great, cause together we managed to raise 500 EUR which is a half more than last year! We went to bring this sum to Tomáško’s mum, she had no idea about this fund-raiser. The meeting was emotional, we got to meet Tomáško himself; he has so much love in his eyes, we’ve never seen anything like that. He’s gone through a lot in the last couple of months, since he had a joint operation. We spent quite a lot of time with him and he definitely earned a place in our hearts. His family is trying every possible way to help him but the cure is extremely expensive. We were very happy and proudly handed over the money to Tomasko’s mother. We even cried a little but we promised that we would be back soon and WE’VE DECIDED TO CONTINUE WITH THE FUND-RAISER IN 2018! The money really is for a good cause and it will certainly help someone who needs it. We’d like to thank you, you are not only trendy but you also have good hearts. We are grateful that we have such wonderful customers and readers.

Well, and now we’d like to wish you the merriest Christmas holidays! Spend them with the loved ones, enjoy the peace and quiet, eat as many sweets as you want (what else would we be doing in January if not losing weight? 🙂 ), read a good book and relax! Many of you are going to find Kattiva pieces under the Christmas tree and we’d be happy if you then shared some photos! Just sit back, relax, because having your MIND AT PEACE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!


Katka & Iva