Our dear readers!

The second Sunday of Advent is here and we are incredibly glad that you’ve found some time even on this festive day to read our blog. We’ve have been working this whole week on our gift ideas part 2 full of sophisticated gifs as us women. We believe, you will enjoy them!

1. Cosmetics ála Palla

This new cosmetics line, which has just recently popped up on our market, caught our attention. We are proud that something like this is happening here in Slovakia, that someone is putting in actual effort to make Slovak women even more beautiful (well, it’s said that Slovak women are beautiful!) yes, the cosmetic products is made in Slovakia and it’s natural! Then, don’t hesitate, and add it to you list for Santa or give it to a lady around you, she will definitely be pleased!




Another novelty we could say, that you probably haven’t heard of. We have already tried it and can highly recommend! LIVIA is a medical aid for women over 16 suffering with severe menstrual cramps. It’s based on the TENS principle (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), so through two electrodes located on the underbelly, it transmits high frequency electric impulses adapted to the pain receptors, which receive this signal and prevent the pain going all the way to the brain. In reality, it means that it’s a tiny, cute thing, which is truly stylish and after an easy set-up, it will make sure the pain won’t show up. What a beautiful and useful gift!


3. REEBOK Club C 85 melted metals gold sneakers

Ladies, as you may know, we are bigger fans of comfy fashion. But you can look chic wearing something sporty as well and these Reebok sneakers are THE sneakers for us right now. These sneakers are the piece of the season and Gigi Hadid is responsible for that. Sooo, this exact thing is also on our wishlists. 🙂



4. Emma Drobná’s new album

We have some extremely talented people here in Slovakia, there’s no doubt about that! Emma Drobna is one of them and she has completely charmed us with her talent! She’s young, sexy, trendy and has a SIMPLY GODLY VOICE! We received her new album ‘Words’ as one of the first and it’s been on repeat since then. It’s great, sounds foreign and we are proud that we have another Slovak singing icon!

5. Monthly subscription to EMMA magazine

If you can’t find an original gift or you’d like to add something to the ‘main’ present, a subscription to a favorite magazine is always a wonderful choice! We enjoy reading Emma magazine, because it’s full of awesome articles for women, exactly made for us! Fashion trends, cosmetic tips and ideas, interesting articles about our favorite personalities, that sounds great! And do you know what’s best? The gifted person will think of you throughout the whole year when receiving the magazine!



6. SWISS Getal Cosmetics

Girls, well, this is the bomb! We are not sure whether you know this cosmetic brand, but we have started using it not so long ago and can’t hear a bad word against it (in the very last article about our cosmetic tips, we had just started using it and that’s why didn’t want to give you a review yet). Since it’s not available everywhere (only in some saloons), it might be a little tricky to get. But we have a direct seller contact, so you can happily try it!

This cosmetic line is a true connection of science and nature. All of the products are from carefully chosen mixture of plant cells and new effective substances. Thanks to a unique extraction method, these cell extracts stay preserved. Together with enzymes and proteins, they create the main component of the effective substances. It’s suitable for any skin type.

Have a look at their website www.swissgetal.sk and choose from a wide range of products. If you drop an e-mail to: lackova.swissgetal@gmail.com and write Kattiva Trends into the subject line, they will know, that you got the e-mail from us and not only they will give you a free consultation but also a present with your purchase. Sweet, isn’t it? 🙂


7. ENVY Privéé giftcard

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of luxury from time to time! This ‘beauty corner’ is special in Bratislava because besides a hair salon belonging to ‘Susi’, a well-known Slovak hairdresser Patrik Vesely, you can also try on pieces made by Slovak fashion designers and Andrej Kusalik, a top Slovak stylist will definitely give you a hand when deciding what to pick. Make someone happy by giving them a giftcard to this place, trust us, it’s going to be wonderful!

8. L’óreal True Match make-up

We have already mentioned it a few times here on our blog but we need to repeat it once again! True Match Line is based on your skin’s undertone, which is a revolution because we have always thought about our actual skin tone. You can do a short and simple test on their website, which will determine the person’s undertone and then you just need to shop. We have tried plenty of foundations, but this one is truly amazing and it looks so natural! Because we wear foundation in order to look that we actually don’t have any, right? Try to create a bundle of L’oreal True Match make-up and you will see the success under the Christmas tree!


9. KATTIVA gift card

We have prepared these beautiful gift cards on our e-shop www.kattiva.shop that you can give to any fashionista and you can be sure, she will be glad to pick a present herself, for example during January sales! You can use the card multiple times until the credit runs out. You can purchase it with different values. And we will wrap it in such way, you won’t have any worries and it will be cute under the Christmas tree!




Girls, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in this second batch of Christmas gift ideas. There’s still plenty of time to properly prepare for Christmas. Not all of us have enough time to create the gifts ourselves, we could say, that except for mums on maternity leave, these days probably nobody! And that’s why you need to focus on the story of the present! If you’re giving something trendy and useful at the same time, someone will be super happy! And that’s what matters, right?

Enjoy the rest of the second Advent Sunday!

Katka and Iva